How does it benefit me to make sure my horse is Vicbred eligible if I am a BREEDER?

Given their higher earning potential, Vicbred eligible horses are a more attractive proposition for potential buyers and generally sell for a higher premium.

If you are the Foal Nominator of a Vicbred horse you will receive 5% of prizemoney (including Vicbred Bonuses) if that horse wins a Vicbred race (or 10% in cases where there is no stallion nominator).

If you are the Foal Nominator of a Vicbred horse you will be eligible for Foal Nominator Bonuses. Foal Nominator Bonuses apply when a horse you bred wins a 2YO, 3YO or 4YO age-restricted race in Victoria.

The payment of Foal Nominator Bonuses is not dependent on Vicbred age acceptances being paid – the horse simply needs to have met the original Vicbred criteria.

The Foal Nominator Bonus amounts to 10% of the prizemoney offered. For example a Vicbred horse that wins a $7,000 2YO race would earn their foal nominator a bonus of $700. Similarly, if you bred the winner of a $280,000 Breeders Crown Final you would receive a Foal Nominator Bonus of $28,000! 


How does it benefit me to make sure my horse is Vicbred eligible if I am an OWNER?

When your horse wins its first career or metropolitan race in Victoria you’ll receive a Vicbred First Win Bonus of $7,000 over and above the prizemoney for the race.

For example, that means if your horse wins a $7,000 race it will win $3,990 in prizemoney plus the $7,000 Bonus - for a total of over $10,000!

If your horse wins a restricted race you will receive $3500 (half of the bonus) with the other half to be payable if they go on to win a career or metropolitan race.

Vicbred horses are eligible to compete for over $4 million in prizemoney each season through the following avenues:

Vicbred Super Series (Male & female divisions for 2YOs, 3YOs & 4YOs)

  • $10,000 Heats
  • $20,000 Semi Finals (There are no semi finals for trotting divisions)
  • $25,000 Silver Races & $12,000 Bronze Races
  • $120,000 Pacing Finals & $80,000 Trotting Finals

Vicbred Metropolitan Races

  • There are monthly M0 class races and quarterly TM0 class races for Vicbred eligible horses

Vicbred Country Races

  • There are more than 100 races across Victoria each year for Vicbred eligible horses


What are the benefits of being Vicbred PLATINUM?

There is an additional $850,000 in prizemoney on offer for Vicbred Platinum eligible horses each year.

Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Horses who have not earned over $10,000)

  • $10,000 Heats & $50,000 Finals for 2YO & 3YOs divided by sex. (Pacers & Trotters)

Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (Restricted to C0-C4 non metro winners)

  • 20 x $10,000 Pacing Heats with a $40,000 Final
  • 5 x $10,000 Trotting Heats with a $30,000 Final

Vicbred Platinum Country Series (Maiden & lower class pacers & trotters)

  • 15 x race series’ with each series including 2 x $7000 heats & a $10,000 final

Vicbred Platinum Metropolitan Bonus Races (Pacers & Trotters)

  • Up to 8 x metropolitan class races ranging from $15,000 to $40,000