Vicbred First Win Bonus

The Vicbred First Win Bonus is a bonus for a Vicbred eligible horse’s first win as a 2YO, 3YO or 4YO in Victoria.

The bonus amount is currently $7000 for 2YOs, 3YOs and 4YOs.

The full bonus applies to career or metropolitan penalty races (or races with equivalent stakemoney).

If a horse’s first applicable win is in a graduation race (stakemoney of $3500 or less), half of the bonus will be paid. The other half to be payable if they go on to win a career or metropolitan race at a later date.

Note: The remaining half of the bonus cannot be won by winning a second graduation race.

For a 4YO horse to be eligible to win the bonus, they must win as a C0 or T0.

Plus, from 1st September 2016, a Vicbred First Win Bonus of $3500 will be paid to any Vicbred eligible horse aged 5YO or over who wins a career penalty race, provided they have never previously won a bonus and that the horse is assessed as a C0 or T0. (There is no sustaining payments required for 5YO and older horses).

Vicbred First Win Bonuses are split up in the following manner:

  • 80% Owner
  • 5% Trainer
  • 5% Driver
  • 5% Foal Nominator
  • 5% Stallion Nominator
    (In the event that there is no stallion nominator, the Foal Nominator will receive 10%.
    In order for the Stallion Nominator to collect their 5% the stallion must have physically stood at stud in Victoria for the applicable season when the horse was bred.)

Bonuses may only be won where the applicable Vicbred Age Acceptance payments have been received and processed by Harness Racing Victoria.

Note that a horse is only eligible to win one Vicbred First Win Bonus over their career.

Vicbred Foal Nominator Bonuses

If you breed a Vicbred horse you will be eligible for Foal Nominator Bonuses.

Foal Nominator Bonuses apply when a horse you bred wins a 2YO, 3YO or 4YO age-restricted race in Victoria.

The payment of Foal Nominator Bonuses is not dependent on Vicbred age acceptances being paid – the horse simply needs to have met the original Vicbred criteria.

The Foal Nominator Bonus amounts to 10% of the advertised prizemoney.
For example: A Vicbred horse that wins a $7000 2YO race would earn their breeder a bonus of $700. Similarly, if you bred the winner of a $100,000 Vicbred Super Series Final you would receive a Breeder Bonus of $10,000!

Vicbred Foal Nominator Bonuses are only payable on races restricted to 2YOs, 3YOs or 4YOs.
For example: A 3YO winning an Open Age C0 class race will not earn a Vicbred Breeder Bonus for its breeder.