What needs to happen for my horse to be Vicbred eligible?

If your mare is served by a stallion who is standing in Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania during the relevant breeding season either of these two options can apply:

  • If your foal is notified to Victoria (HRV) it will automatically be nominated for Vicbred
  • If your foal is notified outside of Victoria (not to HRV) you will need to lodge the Vicbred Eligibility Coupon (Found on the bottom of your service certificate) with HRV.
    You’ll be charged $220 which is the price of a foal notification in Victoria.
    Coupons must be received by HRV no later than the 1st of May immediately following your foal’s birth.

A ‘Vicbred stallion’ is a stallion that is physically standing in Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania during the relevant breeding season.
A stallion for which you have imported semen – even if purchased through a Victorian, South Australian or Tasmanian stud – will not be considered as a Vicbred stallion.

If your mare is not served by a Vicbred Stallion, she must be inseminated in and foal in one of those states and her foal must be notified to HRV. The fee for this scenario varies as below:

  • Sires based in QLD, NSW, WA or NZ - $366
  • Sires based in Canada, USA or Europe - $366 for a trotting sire or $478 for a pacing sire

If your mare is not located in Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania and you don’t breed her to a sire based in one of those states, you are unable to make the resultant foal Vicbred eligible.

There are no yearling fees under the Vicbred program.

A 2YO age acceptance fee of $220 is due by the 1st of September (the date when your horse officially becomes a 2YO). At this point you may instead choose to pay a higher fee of $440 which will make your horse eligible for its 2YO, 3YO & 4YO seasons.

If you don’t choose to pay the $440 as a 2YO, you’ll need to pay $220 for each age acceptance thereafter ($660 total cost to be paid up as a 2YO, 3YO & 4YO).

If you don’t contact HRV prior to the 1st of September to accept (age or series) you’ll automatically be invoiced for the relevant $220 age acceptance fee. If you fail to pay the invoice by the 31st of October your horse will automatically be withdrawn and will no longer be Vicbred eligible for that season.

If for some reason you miss the deadline but still want your horse to be Vicbred eligible, the following late fee structure applies:

  • Payments received from 1 November – 30 November: $440 for a single year acceptance
  • Payments received from 1 December – 31 December:  $660 for a single year acceptance

Vicbred First Win Bonuses are only payable where payment has been received and processed and may not be backdated.

If you don’t choose to make your horse eligible for their 2YO season you can still pay up for their 3YO or 4YO seasons.


What needs to happen for my horse to be Vicbred Platinum eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Vicbred Platinum program, your horse needs to meet the standard Vicbred criteria and also have a Victorian freeze brand.

The first symbol of a standardbred freeze brand is an 'S'.

The next symbol represents the branding state.

A Victorian freeze brand is distinguishable by a number '3' as the second symbol - represented as an upward arrow. (See picture on the right)

The other states are represented by the following numbers:

NSW = 2

QLD = 4

SA = 5

WA = 6

TAS = 7

The next two symbols represent the year the horse was born.

Looking at the brand in the photo we can tell that the horse was born in 2012.

The bottom row of four symbols represent the horse's registered number.

Brands are generally located on the off-side of a horse's neck.


Vicbred Racing Eligibility

A Vicbred 2YO, 3YO or 4YO horse will be eligible to run in any Vicbred race or win any Vicbred bonus in a season if either:

(a) a Series Fee was paid on 1 September when it turned two years of age


(b) an Age Acceptance fee was paid for the relevant season.

A Vicbred horse 5YO or older may contest Vicbred races for which they are eligible irrespective of whether or not an Age Acceptance Fee was paid as a 2YO, 3YO or 4YO.