Name Breeding Sex Gait
A Rocknroll Waltz A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Our Waltzing Mathilda Male Pacing
A Touch Of Courage Courage Under Fire Nz X Our Bad Girl Female
Abbey Way Angus Hall (us) X French Frolic Female Trotting
Abitofadreamer Used To Me Fra X My Dreamweaver Male Trotting
Ablaze Angus Hall (us) X Casino Kerrie Male Trotting
Above N Beyond Art Major Usa X Kabet Male Pacing
Access Declined Art Major Usa X Gone Walkabout Male Pacing
Aces Daughter Alta Christiano Nz X Ace High Miss Female Pacing
Adapt Roll With Joe Usa X Lovelist Male Pacing
After The Chase Mr Feelgood Usa X Chasing Chelsea Male Pacing
Aishabeach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Our Little Artist Male Pacing
Aldebaran April Trixton (us) X Aldebaran Breeze Female Trotting
Aldebaran Dekota Yield Boko Swe X Aldebaran Deegan Female Trotting
Aldebaran Herbie Andover Hall (us) X Aldebaran Honey Male Trotting
Aldebaran Jethro Andover Hall (us) X Bromac Aldebaran Male Trotting
Aldebaran Knox Muscle Hill (us) X Kyvalley Aldebaran Male Trotting
Aldebaran Phoebe Yield Boko Swe X Aldebaran Peggy Female Trotting
Aldebaran Stevie Yield Boko Swe X Im Sonialeelee Female Trotting
Aldebaran Sunrise Skyvalley Nz X Aldebaran Sunset Female Trotting
Aldebaran Tippett Andover Hall (us) X Maori Road Male Trotting
Aldebaran Yolanda Andover Hall (us) X Charming Yankee Female Trotting
Alice Kay Art Major Usa X Sandy Kay Female Pacing
Alittlebitofftap Modern Art Usa X Shesallregal Male Pacing
Alleyes Peak Dnk X Majestic Jane Female Trotting
Allshookup A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Ballandella Baby Male Pacing
Alook To Like Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Cherie Mctago Male Pacing
Alte Village Jolt Ca X Etla Male Pacing
Amalfi Coast Artsplace (us) X Ultra Trendy Lombo Female Pacing
Amber Alert Mr Feelgood Usa X Chain Of Gold Female Pacing
Amelia Rose Art Major Usa X Bennies Daughter Female Pacing
Amelia Wealth Auckland Reactor Nz X Life Savings Female Pacing
American Spider American Ideal Usa X River Reos Male Pacing
Amirablu Heston Blue Chip Usa X Lombo Anastasia Female Pacing
Amunet Majestic Son Ca X Melpark Sunrise Female Trotting
Andover Sun Andover Hall (us) X Solar Flash Male Trotting
Andres Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Albertique Male Pacing
Angelic She Aint Alta Christiano Nz X Pennies To Pearls Female Pacing
Another Comet Great Success Usa X Brite N Lucky Female Trotting
Antihero Red Samurai X Golden Antigone Male Pacing
Aphrodisiac Shadow Play Usa X Soho Winslet Male Pacing
Arabella Showdown Great Success Usa X Alabama Showdown Female Trotting
Araignee Flair Yankee Spider Usa X Petite Flair Female Trotting
Arctic Wind Roll With Joe Usa X Windchill Male Pacing
Arctura Sky Skyvalley Nz X Flickering Flame Female Trotting
Argh Me Hearty Roll With Joe Usa X Miss Astronomical Female Pacing
Ark Of Rock Pet Rock Usa X Arkamara Female Pacing
Arkady Pet Rock Usa X Cherarkee Female Pacing
Arraps Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Soho Joplin Male Pacing
Art Of Sheng Li Art Major Usa X Sheng Li Female Pacing
Artannie Art Major Usa X Petes Dream Female Pacing
Artemede Art Major Usa X Definite Girl Female Pacing
Artmosphere Art Major Usa X Veste Male Pacing
Artzen Art Major Usa X Zenable Female Trotting
Ash Park Lincoln Royal Nz X Strangeasitsounds Female Pacing
Ashleys Blue Chip Heston Blue Chip Usa X Never More Female Pacing
Assassin Joe Roll With Joe Usa X Swanmaiden Male Pacing
Asterism Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Rutherglen Ruby Male Pacing
Atlantas Sportswriter Usa X Shanghi Female Pacing
Atomic Babe Changeover Nz X Lucky Merrywood Female
Attention Seeking Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Secret Bonus Female Pacing
Aunty Allie Village Jasper Usa X The Good Girl Female Pacing
Aunty Ethal Pegasus Spur Ca X Gordon Idol Female Trotting
Aussie Cash Mcardle Usa X Mama Jules Male Pacing
Avimore Angus Hall (us) X Speedy Naomi Male Trotting
Awaitinginstructions Courage Under Fire Nz X Indigenous Male Pacing
Azalea Mae Ships Spur X Earlee Bonus Female Trotting
Baarlinee Peak Dnk X Drop Us Aline Female Trotting
Bacardi Barmaid Bacardi Lindy Usa X Flash Muscles Female Trotting
Bacardi Bindi Bacardi Lindy Usa X Jubilee Charm Female Trotting
Bacardi Chic Bacardi Lindy Usa X Mysteriousillusion Female Trotting
Bad As Now Bad Boy Truscott X Windcries Molly Male Trotting
Bandy Blissfull Hall Usa X Marchioness Meg Male Pacing
Barbados Babe Caribbean Blaster X Tiseh Jo Female Pacing
Barwen Storm Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Berry Kiss Male Pacing
Batman Barry Big Jim Usa X The Black Queen Male Pacing
Bayside Victory Shadow Play Usa X Kiss Me Monty Male Pacing
Bazaruto Beach Sunshine Beach Usa X Jilliby Zulu Male Pacing
Be My Rock A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Articulate Castle Male Pacing
Beach Harmony Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Christian Melody Female Pacing
Beale Street Art Major Usa X Shezacullen Male Pacing
Beancounter Art Major Usa X Fanci Pants Lombo Male Pacing
Beat City A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Tps Girl Male Pacing
Beau Bronski Major Bronski X Czarina Katerina Male Pacing
Beau Hart Pet Rock Usa X Miss Sweethart Male Pacing
Beau Steele Hes Watching Usa X Beau Ciel Male Pacing
Beaujangles A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Beauty Secret Male Pacing
Beautiful Backdrop Majestic Son Ca X Maori Tessa Female Trotting
Beautiful Woman Art Major Usa X Kabbalah Karen B Female Pacing
Beauty Queen Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Flying Vargas Female Pacing
Bella Bronski Major Bronski X Autumn Princess Female Pacing
Bella Contessa Imperial Count Usa X Sunshine Paco Female Trotting
Belladonna Girl Hes Watching Usa X Mixed With A Twist Female Pacing
Bellmac Bambi Imperial Count Usa X Aladen Star Female Trotting
Beneath The Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Clearwater Isle Male Pacing
Benjamin Red Well Said Usa X Beninjurd Male Pacing
Better Than Carmer Betterthancheddar Usa X Christianship Female Pacing
Better Than Magic Betterthancheddar Usa X My Celandine Male Pacing
Betterthanfederer Betterthancheddar Usa X Tell No Tales Male Pacing
Betterthanflyhigh Betterthancheddar Usa X Mazzas Delight Female Pacing
Betterthangigi Betterthancheddar Usa X Mademoiselle Gigi Female Pacing
Bettorsramacharma Bettors Delight Usa X Rocknroll Rama Male Pacing
Big Bad Roy Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Trulyawork Of Art Male Pacing
Big Black Diamond Shadow Play Usa X Midnight Beauty Male Pacing
Bigjimvalentine Well Said Usa X Jazzee Valentine Male Pacing
Billion Dollar Baby Art Major Usa X High Society Gal Female Pacing
Bilum Mr Feelgood Usa X Silvia Fisher Female Pacing
Binno Major Art Major Usa X Saved A Corka Male Pacing
Bit Petite Shadow Play Usa X Petite Alto Female Pacing
Black And Gold Ships Spur X Earls Gold Female Trotting
Blaze Coops American Ideal Usa X Cyclone Dora Female Pacing
Blue Chip Diamond Heston Blue Chip Usa X Beloka Diamond Female Pacing
Blue Vein Fitz Betterthancheddar Usa X Hi Ho Fitz Female Pacing
Boak Village Jolt Ca X Moriva Male Pacing
Bobbyadlem Auckland Reactor Nz X Fantasia Rainbow Male Pacing
Bold Centurian Betterthancheddar Usa X Mon Poppy Mary Male Pacing
Bona Khan Bonavista Bay X Rosie Khan Male Pacing
Bonavista Boy Bonavista Bay X Bianca Jasper Male Pacing
Bonbonniere Shadow Play Usa X Leslie Jay Female Pacing
Bonnie Beach Sunshine Beach Usa X Baroda Belle Female Pacing
Bonton Sunshine Sunshine Beach Usa X Bonton Lady Male Pacing
Booker Bay Lincoln Royal Nz X Caroline Bay Male Pacing
Boozer Bacardi Lindy Usa X Jingling Silver Male Trotting
Borg Am I Blissfull Hall Usa X Moore Cullen Male Pacing
Born To Be Watched Hes Watching Usa X Current Raider Male Pacing
Breaker Of Chains Fling It Usa X Carmelasoprano Female Trotting
Breezin A Rocknroll Dance Usa X All The Magic Male Pacing
Bridie Springfield Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Sileni Female Pacing
Brigitte Royale Majestic Son Ca X Illawong Blush Female Trotting
Bring Back Leah Art Major Usa X Tres Bien Franco Female Pacing
Bring The Flave Heston Blue Chip Usa X El Jays Belle Male Pacing
Broadway And Fifth Art Major Usa X Broadway Play Female Pacing
Brocks Best Im Stately X Trotn On The Casba Male Trotting
Bronski Lad Major Bronski X All Exclusive Male Pacing
Bronski Moment Major Bronski X Mystical Rainbow Male Pacing
Builder Bob Angus Hall (us) X Shes An Image Male Trotting
Bundeered Metropolitan Usa X Cap Lord Male Pacing
Bundy Wrangler Shadow Play Usa X Caitlins Horse Male Pacing
Burnfouru Courage Under Fire Nz X Allfouru Female Pacing
Burning Hot Sunshine Beach Usa X Elegant Art Male Pacing
Business To Go Pet Rock Usa X Unfinishedbusiness Female Pacing
Caesarion Julius Caesar Nz X The Cove Grey Male Pacing
Caledonian Spirit Bacardi Lindy Usa X Eagles Image Female Trotting
Call Me Dottie Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Whos Whispering Female Pacing
Call Me Henry Major Bronski X Forza Force Male Pacing
Callhenien American Ideal Usa X Fulsome Male Pacing
Calypso Mistress Caribbean Blaster X Need A Boyfriend Female Pacing
Camden Queen Cullens Legacy Nz X Carlisle Queen Female Pacing
Camnat Heston Blue Chip Usa X Catapult Female Pacing
Cant Top This Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Tamara Hall Male Pacing
Cantseeme Auckland Reactor Nz X Dalmont Jo Female Pacing
Captain Mccraw Bacardi Lindy Usa X Miriama Male Trotting
Caraggio Escapee Courage Under Fire Nz X High Hope Halle Male Pacing
Cargador De Flores Artistic Fella Usa X Floweronthewall Male Pacing
Carramar Cee Smith Well Said Usa X Choctaw Annie Male Pacing
Carramar Kasiano Village Jasper Usa X Muckinbar Miss Male Pacing
Casino Barry Heston Blue Chip Usa X Casino Princess Male Pacing
Caughtinarip Betterthancheddar Usa X To Die With Dignity Female Pacing
Ce Pe Three Mach Three Ca X Ce Pe Ar Male Pacing
Cee For Colin Art Major Usa X Full Impact Male Pacing
Ceebreez Changeover Nz X Zabreez Female Pacing
Ceejay Success Great Success Usa X Miss Ceejay Female Trotting
Ceeulater Safari X Regards Female Pacing
Celebrity Chef Heston Blue Chip Usa X Celebrity Lass Female Pacing
Celestia Shadow Play Usa X Its Dutch Courage Female Pacing
Celestial Topaz Major Bronski X Celestial Diamond Male Trotting
Celia Grinfromeartoear Usa X Our Girl Claire Female Pacing
Ceres Goldchip Heston Blue Chip Usa X Room With A View Female Pacing
Chalkncheddar Betterthancheddar Usa X Carly Michelle Male Pacing
Champagne Sisters Roll With Joe Usa X Trebla Trebla Female Pacing
Changeover Girl Changeover Nz X Shortys Treasure Female Pacing
Chantilly Dee Danny Bouchea X Town Player Female Trotting
Charlotte Caslick Alta Christiano Nz X Smooth Jes Female Pacing
Chaseyourstar Art Major Usa X Star Chaser Male Pacing
Cher Ami Great Success Usa X Brylin Crescent Female Trotting
Chiquitta Hes Watching Usa X Thats My Secret Female Pacing
Clarenden Envoy Blissfull Hall Usa X Clarenden Esprit Male Pacing
Classact Wally Walton X Lotsaclass Male Pacing
Claudys Iceman Pegasus Spur Ca X All Finesse Male Trotting
Cloudlet Art Major Usa X Lombo Cloud Nine Female Pacing
Coco Beach Bettors Delight Usa X Vernett Female Pacing
Coconut Cutie Western Terror Usa X Sweet Lucy Brown Female Pacing
Cohen Road Kate Tennotrump X Court Strike Female Trotting
Colby Art Betterthancheddar Usa X Cullens Queen Male Pacing
Columbias Deecee Bacardi Lindy Usa X Columbias Gindin Male Trotting
Comandante Majestic Son Ca X Castleton Command Male Trotting
Come Rock With Me Pet Rock Usa X Our Ladylight Male Pacing
Common Courtesy Tintin In America Nz X Helens In Paradise Female Pacing
Community Art Alta Christiano Nz X Village Art Male Pacing
Confession Tell All Usa X Viva Courage Male Pacing
Congo Line Auckland Reactor Nz X Highview Congo Male Pacing
Conrod Rocket Pet Rock Usa X Conrod Bent Male Pacing
Constantina Pet Rock Usa X Willies Girl Female Pacing
Constantinople Trixton (us) X El Scorcho Male Trotting
Cooks Canvas Artistic Fella Usa X Invasion Day Female Pacing
Cool Rocking Daddy A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Shake It Mama Male Pacing
Cora Mor Julius Caesar Nz X Full Of Aces Female Pacing
Cork Lawman Usa X Granuaile Male Trotting
Costly Mistake Mcardle Usa X Costly Bonus Female Pacing
Countess Chiron Imperial Count Usa X Kumbya Female Trotting
Courageous Life Courage Under Fire Nz X Spring To Life Male Pacing
Courtly Courage Courage Under Fire Nz X Royal Jinx Female Pacing
Courtney Katarina Heston Blue Chip Usa X Limburg Female Pacing
Cover Of Darkness Majestic Son Ca X Illawong Moonshine Male Trotting
Covert Stride Art Major Usa X Jean West Male Pacing
Cracker Jet Quaker Jet (fra) X Win Winnie Win Male Trotting
Crazy Shippo Art Major Usa X Our Narissa Franco Male Pacing
Creativeaccountant Modern Art Usa X Mymumsabankmanager Male Pacing
Cricket Big Jim Usa X Saint Teresia Female Pacing
Cristiano Buccini Alta Christiano Nz X Hot Pepper Male Pacing
Crocrock Pet Rock Usa X Shes A Killer Male Pacing
Crompton Bay Bonavista Bay X Innocuous Male Pacing
Cronk Tennotrump X Amaori Spur Male Trotting
Cut From Rock Pet Rock Usa X Our Kinda Art Female Pacing
Cuzin Lyndal Courage Under Fire Nz X Aunty Daph Female Pacing
Dallas Charlie Heston Blue Chip Usa X The Irish Princess Male Pacing
Dalton Bad Boy Truscott X Camp Fire Glow Male Trotting
Daly Springfield Shadow Play Usa X Darlin Springfield Female Pacing
Damysus Auckland Reactor Nz X Ninkasi Male Pacing
Dance Class A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Play Ball Female Pacing
Dancing On Money A Rocknroll Dance Usa X River Of Money Female Pacing
Dancing With Flo A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Narree Rose Female Pacing
Daring Angel Skyvalley Nz X My Spanish Angel Female Trotting
Dark Cloud Angus Hall (us) X Cloud Chaser Male Trotting
Datizit Sportswriter Usa X Precious Macray Male Pacing
Dawn Ofa New Dream Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Real Dreamz Male Pacing
Daylight At Dawn Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Electrical Storm Male Pacing
Dazzling Dame Art Major Usa X Dazed And Confused Female Pacing
Dazzling Gypsy Pet Rock Usa X Panas Female Pacing
Deakin Avenue Shadow Play Usa X Wyndham Street Female Pacing
Del Port Bettors Delight Usa X Kateleens Passport Male Pacing
Delacour Art Major Usa X Amberlu Girls Female Pacing
Deltasunrise Tennotrump X Deltasu Male Pacing
Denis William Art Major Usa X Getya Wings Out Male Pacing
Diamond Party Art Major Usa X Isabella Anvil Female Pacing
Diamond Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Superbarby Female Trotting
Dickie Macray Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Macray Amore Male Pacing
Diegos Diamond Courage Under Fire Nz X Diamondadywallorel Male Pacing
Dieing Art Art Major Usa X Dieing Secret Female Pacing
Distinctive Miss Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Mystery Moment Female Pacing
Dizygotic Lad Art Major Usa X Kalypso Male Pacing
Dizygotic Lass Art Major Usa X Kalypso Female Pacing
Dizzysjet Quaker Jet (fra) X Dizzyinterest Female Trotting
Do Not Surrender Bettors Delight Usa X Top Tempo Male Pacing
Doctor Fox Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Dream Bonus Male Pacing
Dolly Macray Sportswriter Usa X Dolly Bird Lombo Female Pacing
Dolly Mae Art Major Usa X Modern Girl Female Pacing
Dollys Law Lawman Usa X Our Dolly Would Female Trotting
Double Helix Majestic Son Ca X Wee Sun Lass Male Trotting
Dougs Cino Courage Under Fire Nz X Winsome Glory Female Pacing
Dowling Roll With Joe Usa X Filledesaab Male Pacing
Dragon Tattoo Art Major Usa X Rozelski Female Pacing
Dream Asset American Ideal Usa X Ay Tee Em Female Pacing
Dream On Angus Angus Hall (us) X Orlandos Dream Male Trotting
Dream Sweetly Sweet Lou Usa X Trammell Female Pacing
Dreamee Majestic Son Ca X Tupenny Bit Male Trotting
Dublin Chubb Lawman Usa X Pocket Fantasy Male Trotting
Dusty Sunshine Beach Usa X Western Gretel Female Pacing
Dynamic Diesel Im Stately X Hilltown Ashley Male Trotting
Dynamite Bay Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Saabette Male Pacing
Eastbro Adele Shadow Play Usa X Dee Cee Cullen Female Pacing
Easy Rolling Roll With Joe Usa X Deal To The Left Female Pacing
Echo Magic Pegasus Spur Ca X Star Of Jordaine Male Trotting
Eezee Street Live Or Die Usa X Washingtons Legacy Female Pacing
Efficient Stride Art Major Usa X Exotic Stride Male Pacing
Eipper Village Jolt Ca X Desiresdaughter Male Pacing
Elandcee Youandme Hes Watching Usa X Magic Grin Male Pacing
Electrojet Quaker Jet (fra) X Sassy Pinevale Female Trotting
Elegant Jet Quaker Jet (fra) X Schleck Female Trotting
Elita Bettors Delight Usa X Sapphire Lil Female Pacing
Elloallaylola Majestic Son Ca X Canadian Dream Female Trotting
Emerald Mac Pegasus Spur Ca X Donkiri Male Trotting
Emmentaler Betterthancheddar Usa X Our Last Holme Female Pacing
En Especes Libre Ready Cash (fra) X Kincaslough Female Trotting
End Game Roll With Joe Usa X Sunset Soky Female Pacing
Endeavour Stride Art Major Usa X Galaxy Stride Male Pacing
Equity Stride Art Major Usa X Heavenly Cullen Male Pacing
Escavador Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Sascha Fearce Male Pacing
Essex Player Andover Hall (us) X Another Player Male Trotting
Esterna Art Major Usa X Marissima Female Pacing
Eternal Peace Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Angola Female Pacing
Everybodylovesme Imperial Count Usa X Maori Azolla Female Trotting
Everysecondcounts Trixton (us) X I Dreamt It Female Trotting
Evie Mach Mach Three Ca X Eye Catching Female Pacing
Evos Dream Pet Rock Usa X Dashem Female Pacing
Exalted Figure Safari X Nakasaki Magoo Male Pacing
Excellent Drop Bacardi Lindy Usa X Squaring About Female Trotting
Exclusive Chic Art Major Usa X Very Chic Female Pacing
Execution Oro Mcardle Usa X Living Oro Female Pacing
Exotic Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Exotic Strike Female Pacing
Express Beauty Art Major Usa X Braeview Express Female Pacing
Fairfield Flyer Skyvalley Nz X Princess Marauder Male Trotting
Fairiesdelight Bettors Delight Usa X Awaywiththefairies Female Pacing
Fantastic Dancer A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Miss Fantastic Female Pacing
Faragalioni Grinfromeartoear Usa X Foxy Capri Male Pacing
Faydan Tilly Kinney Hanover Usa X Paua Art Female Pacing
Feeling Enerjetic Mr Feelgood Usa X Enerjetic Male Pacing
Fighting Fire Roll With Joe Usa X Arivee Male Pacing
Final Bow Bitobliss X Georgina Bow Female Pacing
Final Countdown Auckland Reactor Nz X Ima Blue Bell Male Pacing
Final Peace Village Jolt Ca X Peaces Of You Female Pacing
Finn Mac Macie Falcon Seelster Usa X Scarlett Finn Female Pacing
Firerockfireroll Courage Under Fire Nz X Rocknrolla Male Pacing
First Round Pick Courage Under Fire Nz X Sheza Poppy Too Male Pacing
Fixed Lines Village Jasper Usa X Fiftycalgal Female Pacing
Flamenco Beach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Lisa Lombo Female Pacing
Fleetwood Rock Pet Rock Usa X Trojan Fire Male Pacing
Float On By American Ideal Usa X Tuscan Breeze Female Pacing
Floating Mountain Skyvalley Nz X Kyvalley Diva Male Trotting
Fluoro Art Major Usa X Balcony Female Pacing
Flyhightanner Art Major Usa X Ultimate Cc Male Pacing
Flyin First Class Caribbean Blaster X Flyin Indi Air Female Trotting
Flying Art Art Major Usa X Flying Mcpocket Male Pacing
Flying Jo Mach Three Ca X Jasper Jo Female Pacing
Focus Stride Art Major Usa X Sparkling Stride Male Pacing
Follow Our Dreams Art Major Usa X Smyrna Duruisseau Female Pacing
Footlock Courage Under Fire Nz X Steffi Rice Male Pacing
Forever Yin Western Terror Usa X Aqua Luvvy Male Pacing
Forged In Fire Heston Blue Chip Usa X Regaltive Male Pacing
Four Starzzz Ruby Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Atalanta Jewel Female Pacing
Fragmentation The Wrath Of Pan Usa X Fragments Male Pacing
Frankie Pet Rock Usa X Gold Liner Male Pacing
Franking Credit Western Terror Usa X Lets Go Baby Male Pacing
Freddyfromzanzibar Betterthancheddar Usa X Safina Male Pacing
Free Rolling Roll With Joe Usa X Princess Fiona Female Pacing
Fremarks Harley Roll With Joe Usa X Helen Mcfly Male Pacing
Fremarkskuzo Skyvalley Nz X A Poem Kept Male Trotting
French Ta Lai Used To Me Fra X Variable Star Male Trotting
Fresh Troubles Auckland Reactor Nz X Kaka Point Coast Male Pacing
From The Swamp Quaker Jet (fra) X Tourmalet Female Trotting
Fugle Majestic Son Ca X A Bit Amiss Female Trotting
Furiosa Art Major Usa X Safe Fury Female Pacing
Gallifrey Direct Changeover Nz X Oliveleven Male Pacing
Gatesys Gift Down Under Muscles X Gatesys Girl Male Trotting
Gee Cee Calder Im Stately X Calder Image Male Trotting
Gee Smith Sportswriter Usa X Our Burning Desire Male Pacing
Geezwhatabang Auckland Reactor Nz X Geezlouise Male Pacing
Gemma Mac Art Major Usa X Imaginary Bet Female Pacing
Gemma Sun Majestic Son Ca X Front And Square Female Trotting
Gerron Used To Me Fra X Pretty Peggy Sue Female Trotting
Ghanasuya Mr Feelgood Usa X The Princess Poet Male Pacing
Gilardi Well Said Usa X Princess Hayley Male Pacing
Gilty By The Beach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Gilt Bromac Male Pacing
Give Us A Wink Hes Watching Usa X More Than Alright Male Pacing
Glenavril Girl Courage Under Fire Nz X Jilliby Ball Female Pacing
Glengarriff Imperial Count Usa X Catchya Muscle Male Trotting
Go Accused American Ideal Usa X Low Velocity Female Pacing
Golden Sunset Skyvalley Nz X Golden Wahine Female Trotting
Good Question Ange Danny Bouchea X Glory Salute Female Trotting
Good Things Wally Walton X Miss Admella Male Pacing
Goodtime Clubber Restrepo X Goodtime Ruby Male Pacing
Goodtime Elsa Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Orion Star Female Pacing
Goodtime Mariah Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Kiss And Grin Female Pacing
Gordievsky Leis Life Sign Usa X Levina Leis Male Pacing
Got No Idea Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Im Smouldering Male Pacing
Gotta Smudge Grinfromeartoear Usa X Primanproper Lombo Male Pacing
Gozo Gold Modern Art Usa X Cuban Gold Female Pacing
Gracies Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Gracenator Female Pacing
Grand Attitude Sealed N Delivered Usa X Illawong Lizzie Male Pacing
Grinforawin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Wish An Order Female Pacing
Grinning Mistress Grinfromeartoear Usa X Midnight Mistress Female Pacing
Gunner Gardner Courage Under Fire Nz X Foxy Roxy Rita Male Pacing
Half Alooka Louey Louey Louey X Scarred Image Female Trotting
Halunke Yankee Spider Usa X Miss Eliza Male Trotting
Hammers Muscle Muscle Hill (us) X Zoia Boko Swe Male Trotting
Hammers Pegasus Pegasus Spur Ca X Sundonna Male Trotting
Hand Writer Sportswriter Usa X Perfect Katie Female Pacing
Hanover Jack Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Libinski Male Pacing
Hanover Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Rosalee Hanover Female Pacing
Hard Road Our First Fantasy Nz X Mary Ann Brandon Male Pacing
Harley Zest Art Major Usa X Zest Philly Male Pacing
Harry Mckinnis Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Haryda Hanover Male Pacing
Harry Ovens Bettors Delight Usa X Harrys Lass Male Pacing
Haveachat Shadow Play Usa X Rooftop Fairy Male Pacing
Hawkesbury Blu Artistic Fella Usa X Barney Big Bird Male Pacing
Haytara Heston Blue Chip Usa X Taralinger Female Pacing
He Got Rocked A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Grumpy Sally Male Pacing
Heartburn Art Major Usa X Suzys Delight Female Pacing
Heavenly Charm Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Sentimental Charm Female Pacing
Heez The Business Andover Hall (us) X Flash Teena Male Trotting
Helgart Art Major Usa X Heavenly Bread Female Pacing
Heres To You Jimmy Bacardi Lindy Usa X Singing Creek Male Trotting
Hes A Terror Western Terror Usa X Artful Marie Male Pacing
Hes Ideal American Ideal Usa X Punch Line Male Pacing
Hes The Judge Restrepo X Bronzewing Lady Male Pacing
Hesashark Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Goodtime Katie Male Pacing
Hesty Heston Blue Chip Usa X Four Zoe Male Pacing
Hey Listen Crazed (us) X Catchya Maya Male Trotting
Hez Rockn Pet Rock Usa X Bop Shoobop Male Pacing
Hi Ho Kyvalley Love You (fra) X Pinevale Ellason Male Trotting
Hi Manameisjeff Art Major Usa X Honour Lady Male Pacing
Highclere Art Major Usa X Rhodium Castle Male Pacing
Hilltop Breeze Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Carnival Rose Female Pacing
Hogmanay Yankee Spider Usa X Possum Point Male Trotting
Honky Tonk Jazz Roll With Joe Usa X Jazzy Malone Female Pacing
Honolua Bay Somebeachsomewhere Usa X National Gallery Male Pacing
Hot Wire Village Jolt Ca X Hot To Trot Lombo Female Pacing
Hows The Serenity Barna Straide X Blissfull Bird Female Pacing
Huey Trevor Auckland Reactor Nz X Eastern Art Male Pacing
Hughie Junior Art Major Usa X Alta Serena Male Pacing
I Am Ellie Village Jasper Usa X Iggle Female Pacing
I Choose Bacardi Lindy Usa X Joyces Choice Female Trotting
I Gotta Go Bye Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Bye Rate Male Pacing
Icanmotor Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Blue Seelster Male Pacing
Ideal Cullect Big Jim Usa X Cullectakiss Male Pacing
Iffy Kiosk Noopy Kiosk X Imagine If Female Trotting
Ilikemebettor Bettors Delight Usa X Arty Chick Male Pacing
Illawong Kim Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Illawong Kath Female Pacing
Illawong Mustang Mach Three Ca X Light In Every Day Male Pacing
Illawong Nigella Mach Three Ca X Illawong Geraldine Female Pacing
Illawong Parris Pet Rock Usa X Breenys Lady Male Pacing
Illawong Phoenix Heston Blue Chip Usa X Illawong Philomena Female Pacing
Illawong Stardust Muscle Hill (us) X Lunar Landing Female Trotting
Im A Denny Too Art Major Usa X Pricillas Girl Male Pacing
Im Casey Shadow Play Usa X Exceptionally Safe Female Pacing
Im Daddy Warbucks Angus Hall (us) X Miss Warbucks Male Trotting
Im Gavoche Im Stately X Lawmans Gift Male Trotting
Im Hector Quaker Jet (fra) X Queens Vacation Male Trotting
Im Hercules Im Stately X Bk Commando Male Trotting
Im Jimmies Girl Shadow Play Usa X Priddy Good Female Pacing
Im Miss Royalty Im Stately X Miss Tiny Tot Female Trotting
Im Ready Jet Quaker Jet (fra) X Im Ready Set Female Trotting
Im The Mightygramps Western Terror Usa X Cracker Three Male Pacing
Imamaorijet Quaker Jet (fra) X Sumthingaboutmaori Female Trotting
Imnopumpkin Art Major Usa X Miss Madoff Male Pacing
In A Spin Blissfull Hall Usa X Foreverdancing Female Pacing
In Ardua Tendit Peak Dnk X Foreign Interest Male Trotting
In Flames Native Big Bucks Nz X Melodies Male Pacing
In Stride Yankee Spider Usa X Bettor Belle Male Trotting
In The Blue Corner Im Stately X Lunars Last Male Trotting
Indefensible Armbro Variable Ca X Mental Power Male Trotting
Indianas Wish Lincoln Royal Nz X Braeview Babe Female Pacing
Indigo Dancer A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Tauto Jane Female Pacing
Indulgent Stride Art Major Usa X Delightful Joy Female Pacing
Insatiable Gem Tennotrump X Jewel Of The Night Female Trotting
Inshadow Shadow Play Usa X Gaelic Way Female Pacing
Is That A Bid Andover Hall (us) X Elusive Charm Male Trotting
Island Rockyroad Pet Rock Usa X Lavra Cloe Female Pacing
Issy Maree Union Guy Usa X Hellenback Female Pacing
Its A Good Feeling Mr Feelgood Usa X Its Bonus Female Pacing
Its Beaujolais Bettors Delight Usa X Life Inthefastlane Female Pacing
Its Ebonynivory American Ideal Usa X The Dreamtime Female Pacing
Itz Longtall Sally A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Itz Nosurprisesthere Female Pacing
Itzok To Rock A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Rocky Bay Lass Female Pacing
Iztobek Betterthancheddar Usa X Soho Socialize Female Pacing
Jade Nien Skyvalley Nz X Poignant Male Trotting
Jakarrashadow Shadow Play Usa X Jakarras Spirit Female Pacing
Jamaka Diamond Pet Rock Usa X Jamaka Run Female Pacing
Jasper Jay Dee Tintin In America Nz X Ima Merry Jasper Male Pacing
Jasperine Artistic Fella Usa X Tiny Treasure Female Pacing
Jaxnme Andover Hall (us) X I Am Who I Am Female Trotting
Jay Jay Lloyd Falcon Seelster Usa X Lorimerjane Male Pacing
Jay Ok A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Naevia Male Pacing
Jaybeeohdee Angus Hall (us) X Maori Vale Male Trotting
Jaydes Terror Western Terror Usa X Bute Sister Female Pacing
Jazspur Pegasus Spur Ca X Fleetwood Blue Female Trotting
Jazzy Bay Heston Blue Chip Usa X Jazzy Art Female Pacing
Jemsoms Pet Pet Rock Usa X Davids Lady Male Pacing
Jemstone Bettors Delight Usa X Hawiian Hottie Female Pacing
Jenden Strike Betterthancheddar Usa X Lucky Jenden Female Pacing
Jennysfavourite Skyvalley Nz X Aldebaranfavourite Female Trotting
Jet Jockey Art Major Usa X Eilish Mary Male Pacing
Jets Art Major In Art Usa X Neishars Jet Male Pacing
Jilliby Adore Roll With Joe Usa X Jilliby Kate Female Pacing
Jilliby Gilmore A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Jilliby Pleasure Male Pacing
Jilliby Rhythm A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Jilliby Ruby Female Pacing
Jilliby Scooby Doo Art Major Usa X Bettor Dreams Male Pacing
Jilliby Selwood Hes Watching Usa X Jilliby Olivia Male Pacing
Jilliby Sylvester Roll With Joe Usa X Jilliby Opal Male Pacing
Jilliby Zagami American Ideal Usa X Jilliby Daphne Female Pacing
Jimmy Bintang Allawart Ray X Cathrins Image Male Trotting
Jimmy Bond Village Jasper Usa X Pegasus Pearl Male Pacing
Jimmy Smalls Big Jim Usa X Tantallon Male Pacing
Joewest Roll With Joe Usa X Maximum Joy Male Pacing
Johnny Yuro Sportswriter Usa X Mendelico Male Pacing
Johnnys Cash Bettors Delight Usa X Tess Franco Male Pacing
Johnybgood Bacardi Lindy Usa X Prinkipessa Male Trotting
Jong Ang Betterthancheddar Usa X All Mystique Male Pacing
Jovial Joan Betterthancheddar Usa X Jovial Lass Female Pacing
Joyonymous Bitobliss X Missonymous Female Pacing
Juddy Douglas Auckland Reactor Nz X Markeaton Navi Male Pacing
Judes Dude Major Bronski X Pridenachievement Male Pacing
Julius Shadow Julius Caesar Nz X Elsu Shadow Male Pacing
Jumping Jones Majestic Son Ca X Josephine Jones Male Trotting
Jumpstart Village Jolt Ca X Lifesaver Lady Female Pacing
Junior Warfare Village Jolt Ca X Token Queen Male Pacing
Just A Philtra Auckland Reactor Nz X Just Look At Me Female Pacing
Just Be Yourself Sportswriter Usa X Whodyou Wantmetobe Female Pacing
Just Cappy Courage Under Fire Nz X Cafe Au Lait Male Pacing
Just Joey Boy Cullens Legacy Nz X Tamora Rose Male Pacing
Just Ralph Changeover Nz X Krisney Girl Male Pacing
Justa Major Art Major Usa X Just Glenburn Male Pacing
Justatrixta Trixton (us) X Justa Phoenix Female Trotting
Justcallmeaza Bitobliss X Meandmyshadow Male Pacing
Justice Stride Art Major Usa X Crown Counsel Male Pacing
Kabayo King Framework Usa X French Finesse Male Trotting
Kalarney Prince Bad Boy Truscott X Spoil Me Guv Male Trotting
Karalta Courage Roll With Joe Usa X Currynroses Male Pacing
Katacha Man Bettors Delight Usa X Breeze On Bronski Male Pacing
Kate Kanardly Modern Art Usa X Kates Ally Female Pacing
Kaudo Bacardi Lindy Usa X Poet Laureate Male Trotting
Kayes Memory Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Baby Bling Female Pacing
Keayang Ignite Angus Hall (us) X Aldebaran Revenue Male Trotting
Keayang Kreuzer Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Inasafeplace Male Pacing
Keayang Marven Roll With Joe Usa X Keayang Megan Male Pacing
Keayang Remi Western Terror Usa X Major Day Female Pacing
Keayang Silvagni Roll With Joe Usa X Keayang Princess Male Pacing
Keayang Tara Western Terror Usa X Emma Jade Female Pacing
Keekee Roll With Joe Usa X Galleons Bud Female Pacing
Keilah Art Major Usa X Shakeilah Female Pacing
Ken Bronski Go Major Bronski X Kathian Princess Male Pacing
Kennys Killer Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Indigenous Art Male Pacing
Kensington Maid Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Kensington Palace Female Pacing
Kenwoodmac Mcardle Usa X Priscilla Presley Male Pacing
Kenya Art Major Usa X Batini Male Pacing
Kezzamac Well Said Usa X Glenferrie Shuffle Female Pacing
Kid Carabott Village Jolt Ca X Dreams Of Eedee Male Pacing
Kidwithagrin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Valley Echo Male Pacing
King Jewelien Angus Hall (us) X Black Curlew Male Trotting
King Major Falcon Seelster Usa X Exotic Union Male Pacing
Kit Copperfield Auckland Reactor Nz X Diligent Moon Male Pacing
Know Reply Heston Blue Chip Usa X Thats All Right Female Pacing
Koba Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Rose Of Ederline Male Pacing
Kohanah Sweet Lou Usa X Benediction Male Pacing
Kool Kari Shadow Play Usa X Sukari Female Pacing
Kowalski Analysis Roll With Joe Usa X Dream Away Jo Male Pacing
Krafty Bart Betterthancheddar Usa X Incendio Male Pacing
Kranski Major Bronski X U R Whatu Eat Male Pacing
Kratos Power Well Said Usa X Virtuosy Male Pacing
Kraze Crazed (us) X Karamboo Male Trotting
Kyvalley Shaunie Andover Hall (us) X Gluteus Maximus Male Trotting
Kyvalley Sherrif Trixton (us) X Kyvalley Cafe Male Trotting
Kyvalley Showgirl Andover Hall (us) X Kyvalley Kiss Female Trotting
Kyvalley Surfergirl Andover Hall (us) X Kyvalley Kitty Female Trotting
La Bella Figura Louey Louey Louey X Silly Celia Female Trotting
La Giaconda Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Mumsthaword Lombo Female Pacing
La La Bron Art Major Usa X Charm Alarm Female Pacing
La Majestic Majestic Son Ca X Blaring Male Trotting
La Puddie Somebeachsomewhere Usa X La Machane Male Pacing
La Rock Pet Rock Usa X Forest Bliss Male Pacing
La Serena Quaker Jet (fra) X Donegal Flat Female Trotting
La Spiritoza Bettors Delight Usa X Sterita Female Pacing
Lady Eupheme Art Major Usa X Reggae Miss Female Pacing
Lady Lil Im Stately X Ourlittlelil Female Trotting
Lady Olivias Folly Bgs Folly Usa X Lady Anton Female Pacing
Lakey Lou Devilish Smile X Hilton Dream Female Pacing
Laringa Bacardi Lindy Usa X Springhasprung Female Trotting
Last Artist Art Major Usa X Mataranka Maggie Male Pacing
Lavaughn Well Said Usa X Miss Cool Falcon Female Pacing
Lavender Sky Skyvalley Nz X Dirty Harriet Female Trotting
Left For Dead Art Major Usa X Left For Me Female Pacing
Leica Minnie Grinfromeartoear Usa X Leica Houdini Female Pacing
Lenny Tee Betterthancheddar Usa X Our Pocket Princess Male Pacing
Leosabi Art Major Usa X Glenferrie Alexis Male Pacing
Leotardandlace Down Under Muscles X Estee Poppy Female Pacing
Let Me Rock Pet Rock Usa X Lombo Party Doll Male Pacing
Lethal Lover Pet Rock Usa X Lethal Kiss Female Pacing
Lets Get Shorty Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Ball Dancer Male Pacing
Lets Go Lenny Modern Art Usa X Milly Jasper Male Pacing
Lets Make Tracks Shadow Play Usa X Classic Tycoon Male Pacing
Lexies Better Betterthancheddar Usa X Yeronga Silky Female Pacing
Lexxistar Artistic Fella Usa X Tyalla Female Pacing
Life Gets Better Betterthancheddar Usa X Good Life Girl Female Pacing
Lightning Lana Pet Rock Usa X Spirited Storm Female Pacing
Lilas Priddy Niece Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Ourbellabro Female Pacing
Lilbitahenrytee Grinfromeartoear Usa X Lilbitabrownsugar Male Pacing
Lillygo Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Philly Darlz Female Pacing
Lindy Mac Bacardi Lindy Usa X Belle Kiri Female Trotting
Littlebitof Terror Western Terror Usa X Vickymurphy Female Pacing
Littlebitofmagic Art Major Usa X Rocknroll Magic Male Pacing
Lizzadro A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Gold Castle Male Pacing
Lochinvar Fire Art Major Usa X Earth Angel Male Pacing
Lola Devereaux Bacardi Lindy Usa X Im Demimondaine Female Trotting
Long Weekend Sunshine Beach Usa X Quick Jet Male Pacing
Look No More Hes Watching Usa X Lilipad Female Pacing
Lord Chancellor Majestic Son Ca X Chancery Lane Male Trotting
Lord Court Artistic Fella Usa X Westice Village Male Pacing
Lord Digby Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Evelyn Dee Male Pacing
Lorimerlagg Jet Laag Usa X Lorimersongbird Male Pacing
Lorimermajor Art Major Usa X Rose Of Hollywood Male Pacing
Lotta Fuss Majestic Son Ca X Gladys Emanuel Female Trotting
Louis Litt Art Major Usa X Big Lucy Male Pacing
Louisiana Jo Roll With Joe Usa X Western Jazz Female Pacing
Loven Laughter Artistic Fella Usa X Macray Rosewood Female Pacing
Loyola Rocknrolla A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Karinda Gem Male Pacing
Luana Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Night On Line Female Pacing
Luckyspeed Lucky Chucky (us) X Apache Speed Female Trotting
Lucy Luck Major Bronski X We Love Lucy Female Pacing
Lustre Stride American Ideal Usa X Pebbles Stride Female Pacing
Lydia Loveday Art Major Usa X Shy Star Female Pacing
Ma Katie Courage Under Fire Nz X Bromac Del Mar Female Pacing
Maajida Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Arterial Way Female Pacing
Macray Trump Skyvalley Nz X Macray Maharanee Female
Madam Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Madam Altissimo Female Pacing
Madame Tess Western Terror Usa X Madame Lily Female Pacing
Maddie The Charma Modern Art Usa X Panoramacharma Female Pacing
Magellanic Stream Village Jasper Usa X Magellan Clouds Female Pacing
Magic Smile Grinfromeartoear Usa X Cobargo Magic Male Pacing
Magical Angus Hall (us) X La Tonneralla Female Trotting
Magnifico To Watch Hes Watching Usa X Magnifico Denario Male Pacing
Majaliner Art Major Usa X Triliner Male Pacing
Majeko Bitobliss X Goldiedomic Female Pacing
Majestic Jewel Majestic Son Ca X A Stylish Jewel Female Trotting
Majestic Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Majestic Icon Female Pacing
Majestical Belle Majestic Son Ca X Avid Female Trotting
Major Bob Art Major Usa X Mother Kym Male Pacing
Major Jodi Art Major Usa X Jodi Lindenny Male Pacing
Major Lester Art Major Usa X Russian Ball Male Pacing
Major Mal Art Major Usa X Mes Cullen Male Pacing
Major Meister Art Major Usa X Lite Jagermeister Male Pacing
Majorly Sexy Art Major Usa X Sexy Lexy Whitby Male Pacing
Malachite Rock Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Saabina Lombo Male Pacing
Malalla Courage Under Fire Nz X Miss Bigalow Female Pacing
Mallee Boyz Skyvalley Nz X Wannabeamaori Male Trotting
Maori Mayhem Pegasus Spur Ca X Happy Maori Female Trotting
Marcys Star Falcon Seelster Usa X La Bella Ruby Female Pacing
Mariachi Fling It Usa X Golden Photo Female Trotting
Mariahs Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Autographed Female Pacing
Marika Springfield Modern Art Usa X Flamingo Rose Female Pacing
Markleigh Jean Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Markleigh Gina Female Pacing
Markleigh Sharkey Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Markleigh Terri Male Pacing
Marla Angus Hall (us) X Monica My Dear Female Pacing
Marni White Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Lady Taras Bulba Female Pacing
Maslin Beach Sunshine Beach Usa X Bridget Franco Male Pacing
Master Jude Heston Blue Chip Usa X Miss Busy Business Male Pacing
Matts Delight Betterthancheddar Usa X Miss Mach Kana Male Pacing
Maxactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Miss Potential Male Pacing
Mazikeen Bacardi Lindy Usa X Photogenic Too Female Trotting
Mea Culpa Art Major Usa X Annas Innocent Male Pacing
Megeve The Best Madrik (fra) X The Kahmotion Female Trotting
Meggs Is Me Shadow Play Usa X Caracas Male Pacing
Meghan Suits Her Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Peaceful Dreams Female Pacing
Melpark Tomo Pet Rock Usa X Melpark Madison Male Pacing
Metaki Majic Art Major Usa X Make Mine Cullen Female Pacing
Midnight Calm Shadow Play Usa X Propensity Male Pacing
Midnight Whisper Art Major Usa X Whisper Jet Female Pacing
Mighty Carson Killer Carson Usa X Mighty Micra Male Pacing
Millys Magic Majestic Son Ca X Sheza Comment Female Trotting
Minika Art Major Usa X Awesome Powers Female Pacing
Minuscule Bettors Delight Usa X Our Petite Soeur Female Pacing
Miradero Auckland Reactor Nz X Mustang Sassy Female Pacing
Mirari We Will See Usa X Golden Illusion Female Pacing
Mirragon Art Major Usa X The Waratah Male Pacing
Mishka Village Jolt Ca X Elixir Female Pacing
Miss Artemis Art Major Usa X Miss Athens Female Pacing
Miss Celebrity A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Celebrity Ball Female Pacing
Miss Duncan Alta Christiano Nz X Scented Female Pacing
Miss Ferrari Yankee Spider Usa X Telern Tiger Female Trotting
Miss Gabby Okane Stonebridge Regal Usa X Ok Rita Female Pacing
Miss Georgia Rose Sportswriter Usa X Miss Polly Potts Female Pacing
Miss Heston Heston Blue Chip Usa X Casey Castle Female Pacing
Miss Iconic Art Major Usa X Lucilla Franco Female Pacing
Miss Mako Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Milliondollarsmile Female Pacing
Miss Pau Mr Feelgood Usa X Hula Gold Female Pacing
Miss Peggy Oneill Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Buy Back Peg Female Pacing
Miss Shuga Art Major Usa X Maid In Splendour Female Pacing
Miss Twinkle Major Bronski X Twinkletoes Female Pacing
Missblissfullbeach Blissfull Hall Usa X Oursandybeach Female Pacing
Misskontiki Western Terror Usa X Riviera Kiss Female Pacing
Missthirdtimelucky Julius Caesar Nz X Misseinstein Female Pacing
Misstrepo Restrepo X Jilliby Jamila Female Pacing
Mista America American Ideal Usa X Acaptivatingeagle Male Pacing
Mister Finnigan Art Major Usa X Virginia Khan Male Pacing
Mister Glee Mr Feelgood Usa X Love You More Male Pacing
Mister Jimaringle Modern Art Usa X Caro Ella Male Pacing
Mister Macedon Betterthancheddar Usa X Black And Yellow Male Pacing
Mister Richard Cee Down Under Muscles X Brockovich Male Trotting
Mobster Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Led Suitcase Male Pacing
Mocambique Western Terror Usa X For Ex Chick Female Pacing
Modern Rock A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Modern Life Male Pacing
Modernistic A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Modernism Female Pacing
Mods Modern Art Usa X Blackjack Lady Male Pacing
Molly From Dunolly P B Bullville Usa X Hawaiki Girl Female Pacing
Molon Lave Fling It Usa X Atego Lilly Male Pacing
Monkee Around Art Major Usa X Sheza Monkee Female Pacing
Monsieur Delacour Village Jolt Ca X Isabelle Delacour Male Pacing
Montana Muscle Down Under Muscles X Madiskita Female Trotting
Montana Rocket Art Major Usa X La Litote Male Pacing
Monterei Heaven Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Our Miss Daisy Male Pacing
Mony Mony Art Major Usa X Hotinthecitytonite Female Pacing
Mooca Courage Under Fire Nz X Jazz Opera Male Pacing
More Than A Woman Bgs Folly Usa X Iza Precious Lass Female Pacing
Morning Blue Heston Blue Chip Usa X Toolamborghini Male Pacing
Morningstar Bettors Delight Usa X Pretty Ball Gown Female Pacing
Morrisons Dream Blissfull Hall Usa X Sanreos Male Pacing
Mozzarella Man Betterthancheddar Usa X Shes High Maintenance Male Pacing
Murdoch Cullens Hope X Ginger Wytch Male Pacing
Mustang Max Village Jolt Ca X Highview Hanover Male Pacing
Mustang Milly Heston Blue Chip Usa X Here Comes Mony Female Pacing
Mustang Rock Pet Rock Usa X Neverland Express Male Pacing
Musztang Art Major Usa X Mesmerizing Male Pacing
My Ceduna Modern Art Usa X Manwarra Artemis Male Pacing
My Darling Dancer Bgs Folly Usa X Farnsworth Female Pacing
My Darling Dont Quaker Jet (fra) X Calder Luck Female Trotting
My Eclipse Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Lucky Eclipse Female Pacing
My High Peak Peak Dnk X Yankee Poem Male Trotting
My Lindsay Bell Modern Art Usa X Allstar Elsu Female Pacing
My Lindy Angels Bacardi Lindy Usa X My Two Angels Female Pacing
Myparis Mr Feelgood Usa X Eden Bromac Female Pacing
Mystery Assassin Modern Art Usa X Clovelly Lass Female Pacing
Naamark Art Major Usa X Arkabar Female Pacing
Nai Harn Bay Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Bring Her Back Male Pacing
Naked Ambition Andover Hall (us) X Starcus Female Trotting
Nandaly Village Jasper Usa X Lady Musgrave Male Pacing
Narra Lance Auckland Reactor Nz X Narra Skipper Male Pacing
Nelron Blissfull Hall Usa X Madam Jasper Female Pacing
Nevada Yankee Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Indianna Rose Male Pacing
Nexta Dexta Red Samurai X Fiery Chip Male Trotting
Night Spirit Mach Three Ca X Blissfull Night Male Pacing
Nikki Jo Art Major Usa X Celibacy Female Pacing
Nikkis Mach Mach Three Ca X Nikkis Delight Female Pacing
Nine Diamonds Auckland Reactor Nz X Major Love Female Pacing
No Biggie Wishing Stone (us) X No Restraint Male Trotting
No Glitz No Glory Roll With Joe Usa X Glitzy Gal Female Pacing
No Nay Never Heston Blue Chip Usa X Soho Leigh Female Pacing
Nottadoubt We Will See Usa X Joelles Dream Male Pacing
Oddball Mumma Auckland Reactor Nz X Girls Town Female Pacing
Ofortuna Majestic Son Ca X Fortunate Phoenix Female Trotting
Oh So Easy Art Major Usa X Rockin Tammy Female Pacing
Ollie Jack Peak Dnk X Fire To Rain Male Trotting
Ollie Starlight Noopy Kiosk X Yankee Blues Male Trotting
Ollies Molly Jet Laag Usa X Ka Mate Female Pacing
On Trend Grinfromeartoear Usa X Typical Women Female Pacing
Ona Highway Tohell Betterthancheddar Usa X Alongthehighway Male Pacing
Ona Merry Dance A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Miss Toolern Vale Female Pacing
Onecrowdedhour Western Terror Usa X Kayceem Grand Male Pacing
Only One Don Heston Blue Chip Usa X Marvellous Franco Male Pacing
Orama Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Secret Desire Female Pacing
Orama Rocks Pet Rock Usa X Nolarama Male Pacing
Orator Well Said Usa X Kura Harlyn Female Pacing
Orbie Alta Christiano Nz X Perfect Bonus Female Pacing
Orion Blaster Caribbean Blaster X Starlit Orion Male Pacing
Orpailleur Major Bronski X Lady Jennelise Male Pacing
Our Art Christian Art Major Usa X Ask Me Christian Male Pacing
Our Art Work Artiscape Usa X Our Poppi Girl Male Pacing
Our Cheeky Devil Shadow Play Usa X Riverside Oakes Male Pacing
Our Ivy Muscles Yankee (us) X Nandy Noot Female Trotting
Our Little Goddess Art Major Usa X Localize Female Pacing
Our Roys Dream Alta Christiano Nz X Leewana Dream Male Pacing
Our Ruby Rose Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Mcardle Lassie Female Pacing
Our Von Sunshine Beach Usa X Silent Kisses Female Pacing
Oursecretcheddar Betterthancheddar Usa X Hear No Secret Female Pacing
Oursouthernstar A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Our Southern Belle Female Pacing
Out Of Her Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Rebecca Don Male Pacing
Outside Fighter Art Major Usa X Charli Springfield Male Pacing
Ozzie Battler Sunshine Beach Usa X Miss Laura Jane Male Pacing
Ozzie Sunshine Sunshine Beach Usa X Smooth Hayley Female Pacing
Pacific Rock Pet Rock Usa X Shesasign Male Pacing
Pacifico Dream Mach Three Ca X Mint Julep Male Pacing
Paige One Sunshine Beach Usa X Jayne Tee Female Pacing
Palazzo Muti Majestic Son Ca X Bonnie Sundon Male Pacing
Pandering Courage Under Fire Nz X Pandalay Bay Male Pacing
Paris Connection Western Terror Usa X So Surreal Female Pacing
Patched Skyvalley Nz X Bella Mosca Male Trotting
Pats Pride Cullens Legacy Nz X Jane Crothers Female Pacing
Peandavasdelight Pet Rock Usa X Libbys First Female Pacing
Pebble Sands Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Thorninmyside Male Pacing
Pedantic Art Major Usa X Bettor Charm Female Pacing
Pegaso Cavallo Pegasus Spur Ca X Gioiosa Ionica Male Trotting
Peppa Bliss Bitobliss X Safari Love Female Pacing
Pepperberry Major Bronski X Rock Melody Female Pacing
Philandering Chef Heston Blue Chip Usa X Modern Mistress Male Pacing
Philociter Sportswriter Usa X Lookatme Philo Female Trotting
Phlying Philtra Sportswriter Usa X Philtra Girl Female Pacing
Piesridingshotgun Danny Bouchea X Biggies Male Trotting
Pikarso Artistic Fella Usa X The Femme Fatale Male Pacing
Piment Rouge Orlando Vici (fra) X Red Hot Chilli Female Trotting
Pinevale Victoria Majestic Son Ca X Running Pinevale Female Trotting
Pink Galahs Skyvalley Nz X Sweetasay Female Trotting
Pippo Nien Village Jasper Usa X Ella Jane Male Pacing
Playboy In Paris The Best Madrik (fra) X Mya Grace Male Trotting
Playboy Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Lombo Portrait Male Pacing
Playful Miss Shadow Play Usa X Indigo Smile Female Pacing
Pockets Full Art Major Usa X Our Pocketfullofdreams Male Pacing
Polly Peachum Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Ruby Slippers Female Pacing
Polly Put Kettleon Courage Under Fire Nz X Smart Kreuza Female Pacing
Popnpennies Village Jolt Ca X Object Model Female Pacing
Poppyred Oro Heston Blue Chip Usa X Came Rollin In Female Pacing
Pops Gee Mcardle Usa X Kildary Big Bird Male Pacing
Powderkeg Muscle Hill (us) X Sparks Ignite Male Trotting
Power Of Faith Art Major Usa X Golden Showgirl Female Pacing
Pradason Shadow Play Usa X Stylish Jasper Male Pacing
Precious Tell Tell All Usa X Precious Image Female Pacing
Preliminary A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Penultimate Male Pacing
Premonition Courage Under Fire Nz X Miss Mcburn Male Pacing
Pretentiouspumpkin Art Major Usa X Lincoln Beach Girl Female Pacing
Prickle Patch Restrepo X Chabachon Male Pacing
Priddy Artful Art Major Usa X Our Priddy Diva Female Pacing
Primeval Knievel Lucky Chucky (us) X Aftanoondelite Male
Prince Parker Betterthancheddar Usa X Tempting Fate Male Pacing
Promise Me Heaven Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Donna Kelly Male Pacing
Punt For Pleasure Art Major Usa X Ymbro Wicked Female Pacing
Pur Dan Art Major Usa X Collectable Male Pacing
Pursuitofhappyness Western Terror Usa X Landscapeartist Male Pacing
Quake Proof Quaker Jet (fra) X Adellas Dash Male Trotting
Quaker Fratello Quaker Jet (fra) X Bella Sorella Male Trotting
Quaker Maker Quaker Jet (fra) X Gay Truscott Male Trotting
Quakers Royale Quaker Jet (fra) X Queens Rhapsody Male Trotting
Queen Bee Rose Shadow Play Usa X Queen Bee Lombo Female Pacing
Queen Of Crime Sportswriter Usa X Our Crime Of Passion Female Trotting
Racing Shadows Shadow Play Usa X Sambrosie Lass Female Pacing
Radiant Red Betterthancheddar Usa X Red Liza Female Pacing
Radiant Rose Pet Rock Usa X Coco Cullen Female Pacing
Radical Major Art Major Usa X Radical Storm Male Pacing
Ragna Thor Fling It Usa X Hozatfora Sundon Female Trotting
Rainbeachgirl Sunshine Beach Usa X Surstromming Female Pacing
Rainbow Trump Art Major Usa X Lincoln Room Male Pacing
Rainbowsnpearls Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Soho Cannes Female Pacing
Rambunctious Hes Watching Usa X Uncork Male Pacing
Rays Daughter Roll With Joe Usa X Rayner Storm Female Pacing
Readytobeastar Ready Cash (fra) X Mybrotherwasastar Female Trotting
Realnspectacular Betterthancheddar Usa X Lucknow Lady Female Pacing
Reckless Dream Sunshine Beach Usa X Oneminutetodream Male Pacing
Redfox Raider Courage Under Fire Nz X Fine Exception Male Pacing
Reeko Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Pink Lily Male Pacing
Reigning Lillies Majestic Son Ca X Four Lillies Female Trotting
Reinstated Im Stately X Slowly Does It Male Trotting
Remain Anonamiss Big Jim Usa X Regal Anonamiss Female Pacing
Remember Our Kenae Armbro Variable Ca X My Sweet Caroline Female Trotting
Rhythmatic Live Or Die Usa X Rhythmatism Male Pacing
Right Moves The Best Madrik (fra) X Right Interest Female Trotting
Right Turn Clyde Julius Caesar Nz X Lady Jade Skipper Male Trotting
Rinella Village Jasper Usa X Sharnica Male Pacing
Ring My Bells Bells And Whistles X Becky Cee Female Pacing
Ringer Russ Village Jasper Usa X Blitzem Lass Male Pacing
Rising High Falcon Seelster Usa X Pacific Lignum Male Pacing
Riviera Rose Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Diamond Over Female Pacing
Roblen Dancer Yankee Spider Usa X Packed Up Early Female Trotting
Rocco Americano American Ideal Usa X Wya Mya Macray Male Pacing
Rock In Heaven Pet Rock Usa X Immediate Choice Female Pacing
Rock Shadow Pet Rock Usa X Show Business Male Pacing
Rockabysophie Pet Rock Usa X Sophie Pass Female Pacing
Rockaria Pet Rock Usa X Classic Amy Male Pacing
Rockin All Over Pet Rock Usa X Butler Built Male Pacing
Rockin Like Carla Modern Art Usa X Rocknfelling Female Pacing
Rockingwithsierra Sportswriter Usa X Sierra Tango Female Pacing
Rockn Philly A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Gigglybits Female Pacing
Rocknroll Curly Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Coriacea Male Pacing
Rocknroll Saint A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Saint Theory Male Pacing
Rocks Can Roll Pet Rock Usa X Bowland Borg Male Pacing
Rocktagonal Western Terror Usa X Mossdale Gabby Male Pacing
Rockygollahshow Artsplace (us) X Lisas Miracle Male Pacing
Rogervalerio Lombo Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X As I See It Lombo Male Pacing
Roi Du Soleil Danny Bouchea X Rockin Wilma Male Trotting
Rojenbye Shadow Play Usa X Imachicitoo Male Pacing
Romantic Globe Union Guy Usa X The Kiss Of Fire Female Pacing
Roquefort Cheese Betterthancheddar Usa X Feel The Magic Female Pacing
Rosanna Village Village Jasper Usa X Furnished Female Pacing
Rosarito Miss Pet Rock Usa X Double Justice Female Pacing
Roshambo Im Stately X Bacardi Jade Female Trotting
Rosiano Alta Christiano Nz X Rosie Robust Female Pacing
Roxy Royale Pet Rock Usa X Baroda Bess Female Pacing
Royal Apollo Shadow Play Usa X Tessanover Male Pacing
Royal Rockette Pet Rock Usa X Chandon Princess Female Pacing
Rueslan Courage Under Fire Nz X Marfusha Male Pacing
Rufus Macray Betterthancheddar Usa X Troublesome Macray Female Pacing
Rules Dont Apply Muscle Hill (us) X Abandoned Annie Male Trotting
Rum Junction Bacardi Lindy Usa X Virginiaconnection Female Trotting
Rymes Majestic Son Ca X Genayas Girl Male Trotting
Safe Jewels Safely Kept Usa X Jewel Castle Female Pacing
Safe Under Fire Courage Under Fire Nz X Talk Safely Female Pacing
Sagittarian Ark Art Major Usa X Arkareena Female Pacing
Sahara Sirocco Courage Under Fire Nz X Sahara Miss Male Pacing
Saint Calder Muscle Hill (us) X Like A Calder Male Trotting
Saint Win Art Major Usa X Torridon Female Pacing
Salekta Modern Art Usa X My Sparkling Burgundy Female Pacing
Sanday Western Terror Usa X Ezee Duzit Lombo Male Pacing
Santa Casa Beach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Lombo Sleek Streak Male Pacing
Santoro Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Toodle Off Male Pacing
Sasski Major Bronski X Sass And Bling Female Pacing
Sassys A Terror Western Terror Usa X Born Again Sassy Female Pacing
Savvy Kyvalley Andover Hall (us) X Aldebaran Dream Male Trotting
Scobie Justanotherpoorboy Usa X Mega Darlin Male Pacing
Scootin Around Bacardi Lindy Usa X Redneck Male Trotting
Scorcha Courage Under Fire Nz X Under The Mattress Male Pacing
Scotts Rain Big Jim Usa X Roman Jasper Female Pacing
Screentime Hes Watching Usa X Realexpectation Female Pacing
Sea Lover Mach Three Ca X Surfing Queen Female Pacing
Seabird Bettors Delight Usa X Pelicanrama Female Pacing
Seal The Destiny Falcon Seelster Usa X Jewel Of Destiny Male Pacing
Secret Identity A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Jerulas Shadow Female Pacing
Security Check Big Jim Usa X Village Guest Male Pacing
Self Exclusion Orlando Vici (fra) X The Sun Goddess Male Trotting
Send It Western Terror Usa X My Sunday Girl Male Pacing
Ser Patrick Bacardi Lindy Usa X Duchess Pat Male Trotting
Serene Belle Art Major Usa X Serene Ruby Female
Sew What Western Terror Usa X Sewinyaface Female Pacing
Shaded Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Miles Of Smiles Female Pacing
Shades Of Heaven Shadow Play Usa X Shalom Male Pacing
Shadow Rina Shadow Play Usa X Myrina Male Pacing
Shadowman Art Major Usa X Spitfire Shadow Male Pacing
Shady Azz Shadow Play Usa X Nats Survival Male Pacing
Shady Credit Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Total Credits Female Pacing
Shady Jess Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Jessica Jasper Female Pacing
Shady Rose Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Elsherana Female Pacing
Shake Baby Shake Roll With Joe Usa X Shake It Up Baby Female Pacing
Sham Rock Pet Rock Usa X Girls Got Rhythm Male Pacing
Shania Tee Shadow Play Usa X Dancinwithjodi Female Pacing
Shaq Mach Three Ca X Kateeshar Male Pacing
Shark Bait Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Johnola Babe Male Pacing
Shark Dancer Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Dancing In Roma Male Pacing
She Will Rock Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X My Little Black Dress Female Pacing
She Will Wantano Roll With Joe Usa X Mama Tembu Female Pacing
Shes A Hovercraft Night Of The Stars Nz X De La Rosa Female Pacing
Shes Going Places Grinfromeartoear Usa X Shesa Kendall Female Pacing
Shesa Pocketrocket Art Major Usa X Its Girl Power Female Pacing
Shesmybaby Heston Blue Chip Usa X Maybebaby Female Pacing
Shesskylah Alta Christiano Nz X Yeronga Songbird Female Pacing
Shez All Style Sunshine Beach Usa X Best Of Wine Female Pacing
Sheza Chocolatier Art Major Usa X Highview Ember Female Trotting
Sheza Gucci Girl Orlando Vici (fra) X Caribou Calder Female Trotting
Sheza Runny Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Lifes Bubbly Female Pacing
Shezagem Dejarmbro (us) X Starlet Lavec Female Trotting
Shezaplayer Shadow Play Usa X Soaringly Female Trotting
Sierra Kea Peak Dnk X Diamond Insitu Female Trotting
Silent Major Art Major Usa X Hi Life Franco Male Pacing
Silver Domino Bettors Delight Usa X Lombo Madam Lashe Male Pacing
Sir Roman Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Morgan Abby Male Pacing
Sky Chicka Elsu Nz X Chicka Chicka Female Pacing
Sky Eagle Wishing Stone (us) X Diedre Deville Male Trotting
Skyrita Skyvalley Nz X Countess Margareta Female Trotting
Slim Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Obsess Male Pacing
Smart Play Shadow Play Usa X Tori Miss Female Pacing
Smileforawhile Grinfromeartoear Usa X Montesian Male Pacing
Smiles Grinfromeartoear Usa X Pletts Female Pacing
Smiles Tell Itall Tell All Usa X Smiling Success Male Pacing
Smiling Grinfromeartoear Usa X Lorna Kelly Female Pacing
Snazola Tell All Usa X Jackieola Female Pacing
Soextra Bettors Delight Usa X Lagoon Lady Male Pacing
Soho Gloria Jane Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Slip Slop Slap Female Pacing
Soho Hamilton American Ideal Usa X Pixel Perfect Male Pacing
Soho Kyoto Bettors Delight Usa X Chip And Gale Female Pacing
Soho Major Player Art Major Usa X Love The Odds Female Pacing
Soho Notorious Bettors Delight Usa X Cornsilk Male Pacing
Soho Senna American Ideal Usa X Country Change Male Pacing
Soho Sinatra Betterthancheddar Usa X Soho New York Male Pacing
Soho Whisper Art Major Usa X Shards Echo Female Pacing
Sohonip Betterthancheddar Usa X Soho Jersey Shore Male Pacing
Someglitzsomewhere Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Glitterazzi Male Pacing
Sonnys Amazing Bettors Delight Usa X Amazing Ellen Male Pacing
Sonofflyhigh Hilton Fly High X Chilli Deeva Male Pacing
Spacewriter Sportswriter Usa X Cosmic Delight Male Pacing
Speedway Queen Crazed (us) X Miss Adelade Female Trotting
Speedy Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Gotalotofspeed Female Pacing
Split Ear Night Of The Stars Nz X Voce Male Pacing
Spoken Roll With Joe Usa X Spokeswoman Male Pacing
Sporting Model Art Major Usa X All Eyes On Me Female Pacing
Sports Chronicle Sportswriter Usa X Mamselle Telf Male Pacing
Sports Wrack Sportswriter Usa X Jill Forsa Male Pacing
Spy Major Art Major Usa X Shards Secret Male Pacing
Stanbyme Art Major Usa X Sophies Ideal Male Pacing
Stand Tall Im Stately X Got No Fear Female Trotting
Star Hunter Hes Watching Usa X Illustrator Male Pacing
Star Of Vouvray Follow The Stars X Vouvray Female Pacing
Star Rocker A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Starburst Girl Male Pacing
Starlight Ruby Yankee Spider Usa X Starlights Child Female Trotting
Starsbythebeach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Maid For You Lombo Female Pacing
Starzzzofmichael Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Chess Timer Male Pacing
Stay Focused Angus Hall (us) X Star Spangled Rama Male Trotting
Stick With Me Majestic Son Ca X Adhesive Female Trotting
Stormtide Mach Three Ca X Aquae Sulis Male Pacing
Stormy Beach Sunshine Beach Usa X Tanabi Male Pacing
Stylish In Black Village Jolt Ca X Romantic Impulse Female Pacing
Su Su Dusty Amore Stride Nz X Rustic Ellen Male Trotting
Sugar High Peak Dnk X Sugar Times Female Trotting
Sullivan Quaker Jet (fra) X Rinehart Male Trotting
Sultan Sass Majestic Son Ca X Heart Of Glass Female Trotting
Summaterra Western Terror Usa X Summa Of Dreams Male Pacing
Summer Grin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Goingonsafari Female Pacing
Summer Stride Art Major Usa X Labretta Franco Female Pacing
Summerdays Village Jolt Ca X Catchthat Female Pacing
Summerhill Peak Dnk X Summerline Male Pacing
Sundancer Rainbow Western Terror Usa X Dance A Rainbow Female Pacing
Sunny Sue Angus Hall (us) X Sunshine Annie Female Trotting
Sunny Town Sunshine Beach Usa X Left Town Female Pacing
Sunshinefromheaven Sunshine Beach Usa X Grinfromheaven Female Pacing
Supersonic Auckland Reactor Nz X Starlitestarbright Male Pacing
Surfsup Tigerpie Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Blucolla Tigerpie Female Pacing
Sweet Annie May Sweet Lou Usa X Sancerre Female Pacing
Sweet Louise Sweet Lou Usa X Artistic Dancer Female Pacing
Sweet Verdict Sweet Lou Usa X Dream Verdict Female Pacing
Swinley Bottom Majestic Son Ca X Son Altesse Female Trotting
Tabby Mac Well Said Usa X Tina Louette Male Pacing
Takabisha Grinfromeartoear Usa X Limestone Coaster Female Pacing
Targaryen Hanover Art Major Usa X Talorem Male Pacing
Tashs Mate Courage Under Fire Nz X Roses For Tash Male Pacing
Taste It Mach Three Ca X Indigo Breeze Female Pacing
Techys Angel Alta Christiano Nz X Venus Williams Female Pacing
Tectonic Bettors Delight Usa X Lady Penrose Male Pacing
Tedkane Restrepo X Weerrook Dynasty Male Pacing
Teeny Weeny Highview Tommy Nz X Shadow Cat Female Pacing
Telavize Tell All Usa X Formalize Male Pacing
Telern Pepper Hes Watching Usa X Telern Hilda Female Pacing
Tequila Bree Bacardi Lindy Usa X Maori Sunshine Female Trotting
Terror Bull Girl Western Terror Usa X Educated Lady Female Pacing
The Best Dream The Best Madrik (fra) X Lasting Beauty Female Trotting
The Big End Oftown Heston Blue Chip Usa X Apple Of My Eye Male Pacing
The Black Horse Shadow Play Usa X Orta Be Ruthless Male Pacing
The Chancer Bettors Delight Usa X Fairest One Youare Male Pacing
The Constitution Auckland Reactor Nz X Placid Castle Female Pacing
The Drummer Boy Artistic Fella Usa X Sports Lass Male Pacing
The Dux Western Terror Usa X Takeiteasyonme Male Pacing
The Eipperpest Village Jolt Ca X Susila Male Pacing
The Journalist Sportswriter Usa X Presidential Drive Male Pacing
The Last Karamea Shadow Play Usa X Karamea Dreamin Female Pacing
The Lurker Shadow Play Usa X Lady Of My Life Male Pacing
The Mustang Changeover Nz X Afalcons Dash Male Pacing
The Naked Farmer Auckland Reactor Nz X On Her Game Male Pacing
The Pantheist Bettors Delight Usa X Paintball Female Pacing
The Queen Of Heart Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Couldbeagoodone Female Pacing
The Sportz Star Sportswriter Usa X Molly Pitcher Male Pacing
The Supervisor Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Cute Art Male Pacing
The Talk Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Serenity Franco Female Pacing
The Tiger Army Sportswriter Usa X Scottish Glamour Male Pacing
The Trainman Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Waterslide Male Pacing
Theangrywife In The Pocket Usa X Mistylyn Female Pacing
Theultimate Art Major Usa X Salix Female Pacing
This Quaker Quaker Jet (fra) X This Way Male Trotting
Thump Village Jolt Ca X Umi Male Pacing
Tiara Stride Amore Stride Nz X Nitengale Stride Female Trotting
Tias Rose Trixton (us) X Mystic Hush Female Trotting
Tiffs Pet Rocks Pet Rock Usa X Tiffany Case Female Pacing
Tiger Of Old Major Bronski X Sentimental Life Male Pacing
Tiger Terror Western Terror Usa X Mother Courage Male Pacing
Tilly Max Betterthancheddar Usa X Another Day Female Pacing
Timothy Red Muscle Hill (us) X Aleppo Midas Male Trotting
Tin Tin Girl Tintin In America Nz X Our Uptown Girl Female Pacing
Tinder Surprise Betterthancheddar Usa X Jet Spirit Male Pacing
Tinhorn Tintin In America Nz X Nevada Vegas Male Pacing
Tinka Terror Western Terror Usa X Business Today Female Pacing
Tiny Haka Skyvalley Nz X Ushaka Bromac Female
Tipofthetongue Hes Watching Usa X Sheza Sweetheart Female Pacing
Tiseh Murray Heart Space Nz X Rennie Sivad Male Pacing
Tiz Atego Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Sarahs Jasper Male Pacing
Tiz My First Love Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Mywayornoway Female Pacing
Tomilehudo Lincoln Royal Nz X Shirleys Fancy Female Pacing
Toodaloo Louey Louey Louey X Feng Shui Female Trotting
Toodle Pip Art Major Usa X Swift Retort Male Pacing
Top Gun Tilly Art Major Usa X Tara Toplady Female Pacing
Topzavski Hes Watching Usa X Angelica Rose Male Pacing
Touch Of Terror Western Terror Usa X I Wantano Male Pacing
Tourmaline Quaker Jet (fra) X Aspiring Eva Female
Trade Whispers Sportswriter Usa X Its All About Rose Male Pacing
Treasure Art Major Usa X O Narutac Bella Female Pacing
Trevnjude Betterthancheddar Usa X Stoneridge Art Male Pacing
Trickeree Trixton (us) X Nomistakingpegasus Female Trotting
Triple Zed Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Spirit Of Smooch Male Pacing
Triplets Courage Under Fire Nz X Saskia Finn Male Pacing
Trouble Rocks Pet Rock Usa X No More Trouble Female Pacing
Trouble Writer Sportswriter Usa X Ears No Trouble Female Pacing
Trullo Bettors Delight Usa X Melisandre Male Trotting
Tuesdays Edition Sportswriter Usa X Martedi Female Pacing
Tully Terror Western Terror Usa X Im A Happy Girl Male Pacing
Tupelo Beach Somebeachsomewhere Usa X My Tupelo Honey Male Pacing
Tuscan Star Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Tuscan Sue Female Pacing
Twixten Trixton (us) X Cold Sister Male Trotting
Two Jacs Bgs Folly Usa X Sanction Abreezin Female Pacing
Twobobrob Art Major Usa X Whispering Lass Male Pacing
Tyabb Wonder Mr Feelgood Usa X Ezy Lady Female Pacing
Ubetcha Betterthancheddar Usa X Alleluia Lombo Male Pacing
Ulani Mach Three Ca X Classic Bliss Female Pacing
Unethical Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Notfitforsale Female Pacing
Union Liz Union Guy Usa X Lohi Liz Female Pacing
Unknown Son Majestic Son Ca X Im Anonymiss Male Trotting
Up And About Mach Three Ca X My Lishi Male Pacing
Urbadboy Restrepo X Dulcies Dilemma Male Pacing
Urgoodboy Restrepo X Lucys Pride Male Pacing
Val Disere Quaker Jet (fra) X Lets Be Happy Female Trotting
Valentina Raia Village Jolt Ca X Miss Sands Female Pacing
Van Gogh Modern Art Usa X Hotgossip Male Pacing
Van Sank Trixton (us) X Countess Angela Male Trotting
Vapar Rocks Pet Rock Usa X Our Christine Cullen Male Pacing
Velvetnlace Modern Art Usa X Eskimo Jaack Female Trotting
Venkman Wishing Stone (us) X Shadows Female Trotting
Vinnies On Fire Courage Under Fire Nz X Vinnies Rocket Male Pacing
Vivid Hanover Pet Rock Usa X Virtual Hanover Female Pacing
Vivid Stride Art Major Usa X Blossom Stride Female Pacing
Vouchers Somebeachsomewhere Usa X So Random Female Pacing
Wait For Me Im Stately X Uncertain Temper Female Trotting
Waitpinga Lad Cullens Hope X Waitpinga For Life Male Pacing
Wandana Debspread Alta Christiano Nz X Georgia Cracker Female Pacing
Warrior Safari X Beris Holmes Male Pacing
Watchfortheemote Courage Under Fire Nz X Lewisienna Jo Male Pacing
Watching You Dream Hes Watching Usa X Majordreams Female Pacing
Watchmedance A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Victoria Bound Female Pacing
We Haveadream Bacardi Lindy Usa X Immortal Miss Male Trotting
Weeroona Boy Auckland Reactor Nz X Amberlu Ella Male Pacing
Well I Said Well Said Usa X Quick Method Male Pacing
Well Said Jess Well Said Usa X Sickle Mond Female Pacing
Westbro Western Terror Usa X Anart Ofgold Lombo Male Pacing
Western Vision Western Terror Usa X Cold Outside Male Pacing
Whata Roller Roll With Joe Usa X Whata Avenue Male Pacing
Whataboutbronson Major Bronski X Lady Dora Lombo Male Pacing
Whatabro Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Whatacorka Male Pacing
Whats Stanley Got Heston Blue Chip Usa X Whats Nero Got Male Pacing
White Line Oro Heston Blue Chip Usa X Joan Oro Female Pacing
White Star Twist A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Endeared Female Pacing
Whos Countn Imperial Count Usa X Ima Thrill Seeker Male Trotting
Whose Me Mum Angus Hall (us) X Susuwe Female Trotting
Wicked Azz Pet Rock Usa X Hush Hush Lombo Female Pacing
Wilcannia Andover Hall (us) X Wheels To Go Male Trotting
Will Patrick Fling It Usa X Conchs Critter Male Trotting
Willdomxav Tennotrump X Rappa Jolie Male Trotting
Wilshire Boulevard Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Wheres Hollywood Male Pacing
Winging Grin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Winging It Female Pacing
Winnedou Grinfromeartoear Usa X Jimbaran Bay Male Pacing
Withoutthetuh Courage Under Fire Nz X Always Lacking Male Pacing
Wolf Of West Bay Art Major Usa X Carpal Puzzle Male Pacing
Wonforthegirls Village Jasper Usa X Our Angel Flight Female Pacing
Wonga Lake Western Terror Usa X Eastern Lookout Female Pacing
Wotdidusaaay Tintin In America Nz X Willow Rosenberg Male Pacing
Writers Reign Bettors Delight Usa X Majestic Reign Female Pacing
Wroxtons Farewell Shadow Play Usa X Party Time Girl Female Pacing
Wyattflynn Pet Rock Usa X Shes Got It All Male Pacing
Yankee Angel American Ideal Usa X Arty Alice Female Pacing
Yappas Courage Courage Under Fire Nz X Rythm Of The Pride Male Pacing
Yarraman Bella Village Jolt Ca X Bella Jam Jam Female Pacing
Yarraman Franco Auckland Reactor Nz X Jordan Franco Female Pacing
Yarramans Shadow Mcardle Usa X Gladdyr Castle Male Pacing
Yarrawonga Lassie Heston Blue Chip Usa X Leading Lady Lombo Female Pacing
Yejele Hammer Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Pride Kept Me Male Pacing
Yella Art Major Usa X Swift Cargo Male Pacing
Yes She Did Down Under Muscles X She Didnt Do It Female Trotting
Yes You May Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Mayihaveabiscuit Male Pacing
Yesmissjane Artistic Fella Usa X Miss Dankell Female Pacing
Yianni Changeover Nz X Jodila Male Pacing
Yin Yang Louey Louey Louey X Kan Yu Male Trotting
York Minster Art Major Usa X Ark Elaine Female Pacing
Youaremy Sunshine Hurrikane Kingcole Usa X Princess Dilinger Male Pacing
Your A Shocker Village Jolt Ca X Allegra Male Pacing
Yourself Majestic Son Ca X Good Thanks Female Trotting
Zelensky Leis Betterthancheddar Usa X Safina Leis Male Pacing
Zero Doubt Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Problem Solved Male Pacing
Zesta La Go Go Majestic Son Ca X Zesta Male Trotting
Zeus Pegasus Spur Ca X Sundons Pride Male Trotting
Ziegfeld Mach Three Ca X Wyperfeld Male Pacing
Zingara Lass Louey Louey Louey X Castleton Donna Female Trotting
Zippin Around Majestic Son Ca X Sunny Folly Female Trotting
Ziva Shadow Play Usa X Im Living The Dream Female Pacing
A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Alashell Male
A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Golden Flyin Female
A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Tipsy Gambler Female
Alta Christiano Nz X Ballygeana Female
Alta Christiano Nz X December Reign Male
Alta Christiano Nz X Smirking Star Female
Alta Christiano Nz X Spitnpolish Female
American Ideal Usa X Chilled Sanction Male
American Ideal Usa X Hectic Female
American Ideal Usa X Shakasandy Male
American Ideal Usa X Thepresidentslady Female
American Ideal Usa X Valero Female
Amore Stride Nz X Salls Male
Angus Hall (us) X Cheque Again Male
Angus Hall (us) X False Gem Male
Armbro Variable Ca X La Poeme Male
Art Major Usa X Abstinence Female
Art Major Usa X Blackberry Lane Female
Art Major Usa X East West Star Female
Art Major Usa X Eye Like Candy Male
Art Major Usa X Fantastic Arden Male
Art Major Usa X Gina Falcon Female
Art Major Usa X Kirrilee Joy Male
Art Major Usa X Paulas Sister Male
Art Major Usa X Woke Up Tired Male
Artistic Fella Usa X Jetta Female
Auckland Reactor Nz X Island Dreamer Male
Auckland Reactor Nz X Step On The Gas Female
Auckland Reactor Nz X Twisted Jasper Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Apple Beach Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Cashel Epona Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Eleanor Eden Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Five Carat Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Gina Dawn Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Lady Pepperell Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Miss Kai Ching Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Tender Annie Female
Bells And Whistles X Sister Courage Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Bollinger Baby Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Edith Piaf Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Jules Hanover Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Our Classical Art Male
Bgs Folly Usa X Belsay Hall Male
Big Jim Usa X Ima Miss Molly Female
Billy Joe Royal X Monets Jardin Male
Blissfull Hall Usa X Ess Jay Adams Male
Blissfull Hall Usa X Lynrose Wonder Female
Blissfull Hall Usa X Seca Dream Male
Blissfull Hall Usa X Yentis Girl Female
Caribbean Blaster X Thunder Fee Female
Changeover Nz X Fancy Falcon Male
Conch Deville Usa X Pipiriki Lombo Male
Conch Deville Usa X Pride Of Action Female
Courage Under Fire Nz X Beyond Infinity Female
Courage Under Fire Nz X Star Of Indiana Female
Courage Under Fire Nz X Ultimate Asset Female
Courage Under Fire Nz X Under Wraps Male
Crazed (us) X Lady Lover Female Trotting
Danny Bouchea X No Dispute Female
Dejarmbro (us) X Sultry Lady Female
Down Under Muscles X Nellmeister Male
Down Under Muscles X Pammy Girl Male
Falcon Seelster Usa X Goldtown Dancer Female
Falcon Seelster Usa X Run Pepper Run Male
Fling It Usa X Jayleaford Male
Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Arma Dominator Female
Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Lombo Luvbird Male
Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Windsongs Heart Male
Framework Usa X Supreme Noopy Female
Great Success Usa X Karmen Of Pinevale Male
Great Success Usa X Miami Spice Female
Great Success Usa X Solana Female
Grinfromeartoear Usa X Fox Dream Female
Grinfromeartoear Usa X Panslilsweetheart Male
Hes Watching Usa X Elle Jasper Male
Hes Watching Usa X Massimo Miss Female
Hes Watching Usa X Queena Harts Lombo Female
Heston Blue Chip Usa X Bobydeane Male
Heston Blue Chip Usa X Shadow Art Male
Heston Blue Chip Usa X Sheena Rena Female
Heston Blue Chip Usa X Victory Cheer Female
Im Stately X Allrumour Male
Im Stately X Arma Globe Female
Im Stately X Bonnie Cheval Female
Im Stately X Cool Your Jets Female
Im Stately X Rainbow Reflection Male
Jet Laag Usa X Refresh Me Male
Jorj Dubilu X Clare Noir Male
Julius Caesar Nz X Forced Out Female
Julius Caesar Nz X Island Beach Male
Julius Caesar Nz X Morrigu Male
Julius Caesar Nz X One Fellas Fancy Female
Killer Carson Usa X On Thevillagegreen Female
Life Sign Usa X Fashion With Flair Male
Lincoln Royal Nz X Whobro Male
Lombo Pocket Watch X Devine Hope Female
Mach Three Ca X Deltas Dream Female
Majestic Son Ca X Conshe Female
Majestic Son Ca X El Gelato Male
Majestic Son Ca X Lystal Lewis Female
Majestic Son Ca X Rovers View Male
Major Bronski X Glees Honor Male
Major Bronski X Jewell Of Cobargo Male
Major Bronski X Lifes A Gift Female
Major Bronski X Little Glee Male
Major Bronski X Mistress Jasper Female
Major Bronski X Vance A Little Female
Mcardle Usa X Live To Fly Female
Mcardle Usa X Teen Talk Female
Metropolitan Usa X Annemaries Fetish Female
Metropolitan Usa X Laughing Deejay Male
Metropolitan Usa X Twindet Male
Modern Art Usa X Montrachet Female
Modern Art Usa X Smart Sista Female
Modern Art Usa X Village Maze Male
Mr Feelgood Usa X Verdant Female
Muscle Hill (us) X Cruzenthepacific Male
Muscle Hill (us) X Dodo Rocket Female
Muscle Hill (us) X Heavens Above Female Trotting
Muscle Hill (us) X Royal Treat Male
Orlando Vici (fra) X Miss Clevelle Male
Peace Of Art Ca X Sounds Impressive Male
Peak Dnk X Lazy Toes Female
Pegasus Spur Ca X Sandihurst Female
Pet Rock Usa X Cantstopthemusic Male
Pet Rock Usa X Coldelamadeleine Female
Pet Rock Usa X Dazzling Delight Male
Pet Rock Usa X Gwenda Baker Male
Pet Rock Usa X Jet Quick Female
Pet Rock Usa X Lombo Brite Eyes Female
Pet Rock Usa X Loving Life Lombo Male
Pet Rock Usa X Supreme Choice Female
Pet Rock Usa X Tee Da Green Female
Quaker Jet (fra) X The Quiet Storm Male
Restrepo X Atakamata Female
Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Almihata Female
Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Mayhappen Female
Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Top Flite Lombo Female
Roll With Joe Usa X Jilliby Jasmine Female
Safari X Rappa Scooter Female
Shadow Play Usa X Miss Sabrehaigen Female
Shadow Play Usa X My Lady Macray Female
Shadow Play Usa X Open Heart Female
Shadow Play Usa X Sheila Blige Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Jilliby Babe Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Lady Bullville Male
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Miss Pretentious Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Satin And Steel Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Seductiveness Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Very Good Male
Skyvalley Nz X Fortunate Girl Female
Skyvalley Nz X Our Mona Lisa Male
Skyvalley Nz X Suntiger Male
Skyvalley Nz X Supreme Dash Female
Smiling Shard Nz X Jilliby Magic Male
Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Jilliby Ellie Female
Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Rubeelee Male
Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Wandjina Girl Male
Sportswriter Usa X Frosty Ella Male
Sportswriter Usa X Jolaura Male
Sportswriter Usa X Sokoto Female
Sunshine Beach Usa X Babydoll Sheffield Female
Sunshine Beach Usa X Illawong Katrina Female
Sunshine Beach Usa X Lombo Keepa Secret Male
Sunshine Beach Usa X Maarek Male
Sunshine Beach Usa X Ronzel Gem Male
Sunshine Beach Usa X Visual Image Female
Sweet Lou Usa X Keepers Delight Female
Tell All Usa X Hope Floats Male
Tell All Usa X Macray Julie Male
Tennotrump X Alta Soleil Male
The Wrath Of Pan Usa X Elementofsurprise Male
The Wrath Of Pan Usa X Im Totally Kool Male
The Wrath Of Pan Usa X Mini Bonus Female
Tintin In America Nz X Kawarthas Nero Female
Union Guy Usa X Rayelle Lady Male
Universal Rock Nz X Ronzel Smart Art Male
Used To Me Fra X Geenas Star Male
Village Jolt Ca X Hayza Female
Village Jolt Ca X Sugar Alto Female
Well Said Usa X Nola Mayhem Female
Western Edition Usa X Loveliest Male
Western Terror Usa X Denim Npearls Male
Western Terror Usa X Dungeon Queen Female
Yankee Spider Usa X Apollo Ann Female
Yankee Spider Usa X Apollo Blaze Female
Yankee Spider Usa X Apollo Flame Female
Yankee Spider Usa X Missgoodytwoshoes Female