Name Breeding Sex Gait
A Good Knight Mr Feelgood Usa X Good Fun For All Male Pacing
A Rocknroll Jet A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Sancerre Male Pacing
A Vapar Storm Tell All Usa X Miss Emjay Male Pacing
Aboutagirl Live Or Die Usa X Sentimental Charm Female Pacing
Abouttime Art Major Usa X Limerick Star Male Pacing
Above Average Sportswriter Usa X Woke Up Tired Male Pacing
Abstract Art Art Major Usa X Hope Eternal Male Pacing
Ace Montana Mach Three Ca X Serenity Franco Male Pacing
Actor Up Straphanger Usa X Enter Stage Left Male Pacing
Adelaide Bay Auckland Reactor Nz X Fake Madam Male Pacing
Agromato A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Life Savings Male Pacing
Ahmarra Queen Great Success Usa X Ahm Shere Female Trotting
Ajay Breezy Rose Mcardle Usa X Elegant Outlook Female Pacing
Ajays Racer P B Bullville Usa X Globes Mistake Male Pacing
Alabama Breeze Angus Hall (us) X Salute Two Alabama Female Trotting
Alberio Village Jasper Usa X Modern Lass Male Pacing
Alcatraz Lass Pet Rock Usa X Double Justice Female Pacing
Aldebaran Aliza Muscle Hill (us) X Kyvalley Aldebaran Female Trotting
Aldebaran Bridget Muscle Hill (us) X Aldebaran Revenue Female Trotting
Aldebaran Heidi Skyvalley Nz X Dirty Harriet Female Trotting
Aldebaran Leroy Revenue (swe) X Bromac Aldebaran Male Trotting
Aldebaran Rocky Eilean Donon Usa X Aldebaran Crumpet Male Trotting
Aldebaran Sky Muscle Hill (us) X Aldebaran Breeze Female Trotting
Aldebaran Star Angus Hall (us) X Starcus Female Trotting
Aldebaran Sundown Skyvalley Nz X Aldebaran Sunset Male Trotting
Aldebaran Sunny Skyvalley Nz X Sundonna Male Trotting
Aldebaran Titian Angus Hall (us) X Aldebaranfavourite Male Trotting
Aldebaran Tommy Muscle Hill (us) X Countessa Hest Male Trotting
Aldebaranwalkabout Muscle Hill (us) X Aldebaran Turnpike Male Trotting
All The Muscles Muscle Hill (us) X Fullonluck Male Trotting
All Whitey Then Blissfull Hall Usa X Wrong Comment Male Pacing
All Yours Art Major Usa X Temepara Cullen Male Pacing
Allanon Angus Hall (us) X Sheer Illusion Male Trotting
Alldaytess Sportswriter Usa X Allda Singleladies Female Pacing
Allfiredup Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Shezacullen Female Pacing
Allgood Babe Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Paparazzi Princess Female Pacing
Alliyahs Choice Art Major Usa X The Eyreloom Female Pacing
Allvictory Hanover All Speed Hanover Usa X Sabiha Courage Male Pacing
Along Came Aspider Yankee Spider Usa X Tachometer Male Trotting
Alpha Male Majestic Son Ca X Aleppo Midas Male Trotting
Alta Boy Alta Christiano Nz X Supreme Choice Male Pacing
Alta Dream Lover Art Major Usa X La Joconde Female Pacing
Always A Celebrity Always A Virgin Usa X Celebrity Lass Male Pacing
Always A Stride Art Major Usa X Labretta Franco Male Pacing
Always Fast Always A Virgin Usa X All The Magic Male Pacing
Always Ready Ready Cash (fra) X Class Of Her Own Male Trotting
Amaterasu All Speed Hanover Usa X Pennypennypenny Female Pacing
Amazing Daisy Roll With Joe Usa X Sokysgold Female Pacing
Amelia Irene Majestic Son Ca X Amelia Darling Female Trotting
American Beau American Ideal Usa X Beau Ciel Male Pacing
American Sweethart American Ideal Usa X Crystal Reign Female Pacing
American Tiger American Ideal Usa X Tess Franco Male Pacing
Amused Grinfromeartoear Usa X Lola Bromac Male Pacing
Angski Angus Hall (us) X Skye Rocket Male Trotting
Animal Art Major Usa X Ima Spicey Lombo Male Pacing
Anna Rocks Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Paulas Sister Female Pacing
Apollo Trump Tennotrump X Polly Apollo Male Trotting
Appa Louie Louey Louey Louey X Scarred Image Female Trotting
Arakbell Betterthancheddar Usa X Atlarak Female Pacing
Archer Norman Auckland Reactor Nz X Wenona Maggie Male Pacing
Archleo Wishing Stone (us) X Le Chabanais Male Trotting
Arden Roanoke Art Major Usa X Rocknroll Arden Male Pacing
Arden Up American Ideal Usa X Fantastic Arden Female Pacing
Ardent Bliss Blissfull Hall Usa X Red Amber Green Female Pacing
Areuohkay Elsu Nz X Jagged Lady Male Pacing
Arggghhh Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Kateeshar Male Pacing
Arlington Over All Speed Hanover Usa X Kept At Brushgrove Female Pacing
Arrhythmic Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Aniston Female Pacing
Arrjays Trapper Conch Deville Usa X Trappers Gift Female Trotting
Art Double Auckland Reactor Nz X Art Bubble Female Pacing
Art Legend Modern Art Usa X Legend Of The Ball Male Pacing
Artful Shadow Art Major Usa X Spitfire Shadow Female Pacing
Artistic Delight Bettors Delight Usa X Shes Artistic Male Pacing
Artistic Humma Artistic Fella Usa X Uweehumma Male Pacing
Artistic Trouble Modern Art Usa X Troublescene Male Pacing
Artisticbutnaughty Artistic Fella Usa X Naughty Maree Male Pacing
Asher Abbey Art Major Usa X Lisa Lombo Female Pacing
Ashford Black Shadow Play Usa X Limestone Coaster Male Pacing
Ask No Questions Skyvalley Nz X Dont Question This Male Trotting
Atego Shades Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Dance With Mia Male Pacing
Atiny Bit Tipsy Auckland Reactor Nz X Too Much Rum Female Pacing
Atomic Julia Julius Caesar Nz X Cassels Atom Female Pacing
Auckland Red Auckland Reactor Nz X The Summer Wind Male Pacing
Aucklands Girl Auckland Reactor Nz X Mammals Joy Female Pacing
Auntie Lil Smiling Shard Nz X Ima High Rolla Female Pacing
Autophobia Always A Virgin Usa X Imperial Phoenix Female Pacing
Avapardi Bacardi Lindy Usa X Elegant Report Male Trotting
Aveiro Alta Christiano Nz X Miss Feelgood Male Pacing
Awesome Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Twisted Jasper Female Pacing
Axinite Roll With Joe Usa X Rutherglen Ruby Male Pacing
Ayjay Bouchea Danny Bouchea X French Finesse Male Trotting
Azzgoodazz Art Major Usa X Madazhell Female Pacing
Baby Ginnie Always A Virgin Usa X Lewartie Female Pacing
Badrick Caribbean Blaster X Ricks Girl Male Pacing
Bagshot Boy Bacardi Lindy Usa X Nikality Male Pacing
Bakers Bandit Blissfull Hall Usa X Smirking Star Male Pacing
Bao Nien Artistic Fella Usa X Trojan Fire Male Pacing
Barchie Auckland Reactor Nz X Pretty Ball Gown Male Pacing
Barhoon Yankee Spider Usa X El Twotter Female Trotting
Barrett Bettors Delight Usa X Priceless Gem Male Pacing
Be A Good Scout Bgs Folly Usa X Take Five Stella Male Pacing
Be My Baby Art Major Usa X Smyrna Duruisseau Female Pacing
Be The One Art Major Usa X Gusau Female Pacing
Beach Babe Nikky Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Nickle Miss Female Pacing
Beach Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Truscottsbeach Male Pacing
Beach Time Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Karamea Toastime Female Pacing
Beat The Deadline Sportswriter Usa X Girlonamission Male Pacing
Beau Garcon Orlando Vici (fra) X Glenferrie Unixa Male Trotting
Bee Gee Cee Bgs Folly Usa X Suffolk Star Male Pacing
Beefour Bacardi Bacardi Lindy Usa X Beefour Male Trotting
Beekeacee Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Carly Michelle Female Pacing
Belittled Western Terror Usa X Ah Dinnae Ken Male Pacing
Bella Clare Art Major Usa X Missflite Female Pacing
Bella Mystique Falcon Seelster Usa X Phyl Crocker Female Pacing
Bellas Belle Great Success Usa X Raiden Maiden Female Trotting
Bellas Magic Art Artistic Fella Usa X La Mia Bella Female Pacing
Bellasteel All Speed Hanover Usa X Universal Alice Female Pacing
Bellissima Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Shes Pinkalicious Female Pacing
Belltopperboy Orlando Vici (fra) X Wannabeamaori Male Trotting
Benji Hall Angus Hall (us) X Maori Vale Male Trotting
Best Back Bruce Lis Mara Usa X Tactical Dream Maker Male Pacing
Better Bart Betterthancheddar Usa X Miss Holmes Male Pacing
Betterbsweet Betterthancheddar Usa X Assweetasitgets Female Pacing
Betterkeepasecret Betterthancheddar Usa X Lombo Keepa Secret Male Pacing
Betternbetter Betterthancheddar Usa X Cee Cee Sheffield Male Pacing
Betterthanred Betterthancheddar Usa X Red River Laine Male Pacing
Bettor Answer That Bettors Delight Usa X Dont Answer That Male Pacing
Bettor Robyn Bettors Delight Usa X Mach Robyn Female Pacing
Bettor Star Bettors Delight Usa X Royal Beach Girl Male Pacing
Bettorz Beach Bettors Delight Usa X Beach Froi Male Pacing
Beyonski Major Bronski X Claire Jasper Female Pacing
Big Bang Lenny Blissfull Hall Usa X Mintropolitan Male Pacing
Big Blue Modern Art Usa X Rosetta Lombo Male Pacing
Big Tom Bart Gotta Go Cullect Nz X Karamea Dreamin Male Pacing
Billie Bronski Major Bronski X Midnight Lover Female Trotting
Billynjed Major Bronski X Essmarelda Lombo Male Pacing
Biscuit Art Major Usa X Bellasario Female Pacing
Black Sassi Lassie A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Im Sassi Female Pacing
Blackart Bart Artistic Fella Usa X Into The Fire Male Pacing
Blast Away Caribbean Blaster X Clearwater Isle Male Pacing
Blissfull Donna Blissfull Hall Usa X Madusa Cam Female Pacing
Blissfull Of Cash Blissfull Hall Usa X Tyalla Male Pacing
Blondee Majestic Son Ca X Ostensibly Female Trotting
Blue Sparkler Danny Bouchea X Argyle Grace Male Trotting
Bobs Four Star Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Oy Ve Bromac Male Pacing
Bombers Are Better Betterthancheddar Usa X Major Haircut Female Pacing
Bonny Taylah All Speed Hanover Usa X Bonny Spur Female Pacing
Boos A Beauty Lucky Chucky (us) X Karamboo Female Trotting
Bootsandall Cullens Legacy Nz X A Beautiful Sound Male Trotting
Boss Major Art Major Usa X Angela Patron Male Pacing
Bottle Rock Betterthancheddar Usa X Warp Speed Male Pacing
Brandiston Bgs Folly Usa X Strong As Arma Female Pacing
Brandlo Prince Orlando Vici (fra) X Bohemian Queen Male Trotting
Breathe Easy Live Or Die Usa X Ayr Affair Male Pacing
Brevity Bettors Delight Usa X Abbreviated Male Pacing
Brie Betterthancheddar Usa X Glory Glory Female Pacing
Bronski Royal Major Bronski X Royal Identity Male Pacing
Bubbles And Cheese Betterthancheddar Usa X Smart Kreuza Female Pacing
Buddy Hinson Majestic Son Ca X Dottie Hinson Male Trotting
Buddy Tough Majestic Son Ca X Shes Commando Male Trotting
Bull Terror Western Terror Usa X Claire Lane Male Pacing
Bulldog Macray Sportswriter Usa X Blazeaway Macray Male Pacing
Bye Bye Birdie Grinfromeartoear Usa X Yeronga Songbird Male Pacing
Caabello Majestic Son Ca X Drop Us Aline Female Trotting
Cadenza Bettors Delight Usa X Top Tempo Male Pacing
Caesars Reign Julius Caesar Nz X Miss Rainmaker Female Pacing
Calder On Ice Metropolitan Usa X Like A Calder Female Trotting
Caledonian Terra Western Terror Usa X Kano Star Male Pacing
Calgary Bay Major Bronski X Abigail Hall Female Pacing
Camivells Revenge A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Miss California Female Pacing
Cant Find Me Fides Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Parabadoo Magic Male Pacing
Canyouseewhatisee Art Major Usa X Out Of Sight Male Pacing
Captain Tiger Well Said Usa X Patchitupbaby Male Pacing
Caribbean Fly High Caribbean Blaster X Mazzas Delight Male Pacing
Caribbean Magic Caribbean Blaster X Your Beautiful Male Pacing
Carramar Bromwich Grinfromeartoear Usa X Quixotic Miss Male Pacing
Carramar Slater Major Bronski X Muckinbar Miss Male Pacing
Carter Mayson Auckland Reactor Nz X Angel Spirit Male Pacing
Cash Lover Ready Cash (fra) X Lucky Love Female Trotting
Casting Shadow Shadow Play Usa X Jewell Of Cobargo Male Pacing
Catch A Moment Art Major Usa X Quick Comment Male Pacing
Caulonia Arty Artistic Fella Usa X Bold As Brass Male Pacing
Caulonia Terror Western Terror Usa X Caulonia Babe Male Pacing
Causing Strife Grinfromeartoear Usa X Discordia Female Pacing
Cautivar Art Major Usa X Acaptivatingeagle Male Pacing
Cee Cee In America American Ideal Usa X Ultimate Cc Male Pacing
Celerina Pet Rock Usa X Chiquita Bromac Female Pacing
Celtic Cash Ready Cash (fra) X Donegal Flat Male Trotting
Centaurian Majestic Son Ca X Closetomyheart Male Trotting
Centenario American Ideal Usa X Beninjurd Male Pacing
Champagne Legacy Cullens Legacy Nz X Sweet Champagne Male Pacing
Change Of Plans Western Terror Usa X Rebecca Don Female Pacing
Charge It Ready Cash (fra) X Lasting Beauty Male Trotting
Charlie Walker Louey Louey Louey X Telern Tilly Male Trotting
Chateaubriant Used To Me Fra X Lets Be Happy Male Trotting
Cheddar Road Betterthancheddar Usa X Bit Of A Gem Male Pacing
Cheeki Philtra Modern Art Usa X Chloes Daughter Female Pacing
Cheer The Major Art Major Usa X Cheer The Lady Male Pacing
Chemical Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Burston Holme Female Pacing
Chenoa Princess Alta Christiano Nz X Dreamy Josephine Female Pacing
Chewalla American Ideal Usa X My Tupelo Honey Male Pacing
Chezmac Mach Three Ca X Ally Mcblossom Female Pacing
Chicago Nights Art Major Usa X Led Suitcase Female Pacing
Chicago Nights Art Major Usa X Led Suitcase Female Pacing
Chief Big Fella Artistic Fella Usa X Podium Princess Male Pacing
Childers Express A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Chilled Sanction Female Pacing
Chooz Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Eleventh Command Female Pacing
Chrisken Country Metropolitan Usa X Chrisken Lady Female Pacing
Christos Chant Alta Christiano Nz X Chantily Lace Female Pacing
Chronicles Sportswriter Usa X Gold Liner Male Pacing
Chu Chits Andover Hall (us) X On Forbes List Female Trotting
Civis Romanus Julius Caesar Nz X Aldebaranblissbomb Female Pacing
Clarenden Dazzler Blissfull Hall Usa X Clarenden Electra Male Pacing
Classic Arc Art Major Usa X Classic Life Male Pacing
Classic Marli Bad Boy Truscott X Classic Hannah Female Trotting
Claudy An Gus Angus Hall (us) X All Finesse Male Trotting
Closing Time Bacardi Lindy Usa X In The Springtime Male Trotting
Cmonbabylitemyfire Courage Under Fire Nz X Koori Art Female Pacing
Coal Park Roll With Joe Usa X Simply Explosive Female Pacing
Cobargo Grin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Cobargo Magic Male Pacing
Columbias Jayjay Bacardi Lindy Usa X Columbias Gindin Male Trotting
Comin In Hot Bettors Delight Usa X Chip And Gale Female Pacing
Comin Thru Muscles Yankee (us) X Invasions Pride Female Trotting
Command Me Used To Me Fra X Commander Jewel Female Trotting
Cool And Calculating Art Major Usa X Hot And Saucy Female Pacing
Cool Sita All Speed Hanover Usa X Sita Khan Female Pacing
Cornelia Julius Caesar Nz X Varanasi Female Pacing
Cornish Smuggler Betterthancheddar Usa X Leica Dancer Male Pacing
Cosmic Cat Shadow Play Usa X Calico Cat Female Pacing
Cowgirlsnlace Bettors Delight Usa X Tamara Hall Female Pacing
Credit To Chris Crazed (us) X Calixte Male Trotting
Credon Boy Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Cullen Time Male Pacing
Credon Star Western Terror Usa X Its Not Easy Male Pacing
Cresco Goldigger Sportswriter Usa X Twenty Four Carat Gold Male Pacing
Cresco Threepeat Blissfull Hall Usa X Duck And Run Male Pacing
Crime Writer Sportswriter Usa X Our Crime Of Passion Male Pacing
Crowded Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Threes A Crowd Male Pacing
Crown Royale Art Major Usa X Crown Of Thorns Female Pacing
Culture King Art Major Usa X Tessace Male Pacing
Cyriliscious Art Official Ca X Gelese Male Pacing
Dakota Warrior Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Carpe Noctem Male Pacing
Dances Bacardi Lindy Usa X Im Tina Turner Female Trotting
Dark Terror Western Terror Usa X Kayceem Grand Male Pacing
Dash Of Flair Bacardi Lindy Usa X Dream Of Flair Male Trotting
Date Of Debate Always A Virgin Usa X Invasion Day Male Pacing
Dawns Peach Julius Caesar Nz X The Georgia Peach Female Pacing
Daysie Brown Village Jolt Ca X Shez No Jet Female Pacing
Dealanddeliver American Ideal Usa X Lady Patti Male Pacing
Dealmaker Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Miss Elvira Male Pacing
Dee Dejarmbro (us) X Auravale Male Trotting
Dee Double You Sportswriter Usa X Just Look At Me Male Pacing
Deft Touch Mr Feelgood Usa X Lite Energy Male Pacing
Delarose Bacardi Lindy Usa X Delphi Rose Female Trotting
Delightful Jazz Bettors Delight Usa X Hotinthecitytonite Female Pacing
Dellbontore Fling It Usa X Four Warned Male Trotting
Demeter Art Major Usa X Weka Lass Female Pacing
Demon Delight Bettors Delight Usa X Ghadas Koala Male Pacing
Demonstrator Art Major Usa X East West Star Male Pacing
Denali Big Jim Usa X Shez Madam Jasper Male Pacing
Desert Diamond Dejarmbro (us) X Desert Chase Female Trotting
Desirer Bella Mr Feelgood Usa X Miss Ceejay Female Pacing
Di Crocker Shadow Play Usa X Shazza Female Pacing
Diamantina A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Mach Class Male Pacing
Dicko Dixon Lawman Usa X Bold Mover Male Trotting
Diesel Don Major Bronski X Hoppyjoe Male Pacing
Dino Bellino Pet Rock Usa X The Perfect Mona Male Pacing
Disco Danni Danny Bouchea X Disco Dance Female Trotting
Disco Dusty Betterthancheddar Usa X Cullens Angel Male Pacing
Divine Diva Mach Three Ca X Pole Dancer Female Pacing
Don Abrasco Bacardi Lindy Usa X Miriama Male Trotting
Dont Play Games Modern Art Usa X Hot To Trot Lombo Female Pacing
Dontouch The Duco Muscle Hill (us) X Cinders Male Trotting
Dontrattlehiscage Art Major Usa X Galaxy Stride Male Pacing
Dream Major Art Major Usa X Christian Dreamer Male Pacing
Dream Sequence Auckland Reactor Nz X Miss Nightowl Female Pacing
Dreams In Heaven Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Dream Verdict Female Pacing
Dungeon Dragon Art Major Usa X Dungeon Queen Male Pacing
Dunncann Down Under Muscles X Amedon Male Trotting
Duskhawker Western Terror Usa X Damselfly Male Pacing
Dusty Martini Betterthancheddar Usa X Smiling Angel Male Pacing
Eastbro Jesse Betterthancheddar Usa X Dee Cee Cullen Male Pacing
Eastbro Yankee American Ideal Usa X Indianna Rose Female Pacing
Edge And Out Mcardle Usa X Marong Madam Male Pacing
Edwina Express Betterthancheddar Usa X Elly Bromac Female Pacing
El Boston Union Guy Usa X Flip Miss Male Pacing
El Eagle Diva A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Mystery Moment Female Pacing
Ellen Ruval Danny Bouchea X Joan Ruval Female Trotting
Ellenkate Art Major Usa X Kissmecatie Female Pacing
Elsus Babe Elsu Nz X Lucy Pan Female Pacing
Enchanted Stride Bettors Delight Usa X Lenola Stride Female Pacing
Ernieson Ernie Eldorado X Life Of Chiquita Male Pacing
Error Mach Three Ca X Placid Castle Female Pacing
Evies Dressmaker Art Major Usa X Jodi Lindenny Female Pacing
Exciter Art Major Usa X Morgan Abby Male Pacing
Explicit Castle Mach Three Ca X Articulate Castle Male Pacing
Expresso Martini Bettors Delight Usa X Grin Martini Female Pacing
Eye See Double American Ideal Usa X Zoeyzoey Male Pacing
Fabulous Kayjay Art Major Usa X Shortys Treasure Female Pacing
Falcons Beauty Pet Rock Usa X Falcons Touch Female Pacing
Falcons Rizing Falcon Seelster Usa X Odielay Male Pacing
Falling Shards Smiling Shard Nz X Elle Jasper Female Pacing
Famous Three Mach Three Ca X O Narutac Bella Male Pacing
Fanning Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Wholelota Rosie Male Pacing
Fashion Shark Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Genazzano Female Pacing
Fear The Yankee Yankee Spider Usa X Whatta Tussle Female Trotting
Feisty Phoebe Modern Art Usa X Apple Sorbet Female Pacing
Fieryjeff Grinfromeartoear Usa X Fiery Package Male Pacing
Fiftyshades Cresco Jet Laag Usa X Its Game On Female Pacing
Fighter Mr Feelgood Usa X Miss Clare Male Pacing
Filcarlo Mr Feelgood Usa X Shannons Legacy Male Pacing
Final Category Caribbean Blaster X The Third Category Female Pacing
Final Chapter Art Major Usa X Nyanjee Female Pacing
Fire Front Bettors Delight Usa X Red Hot Rita Male Pacing
Fireplay Shadow Play Usa X Kilifi Fire Male Pacing
Firestorm Red Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Spirited Storm Male Pacing
Fiscal Fantasy Western Terror Usa X Whispering Lass Female Pacing
Flake Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Luskin Girl Male Trotting
Flame Blaster Caribbean Blaster X Imfullofuel Male Pacing
Flamenco Lass Artistic Fella Usa X Barney Big Bird Female Pacing
Flamin Alice Courage Under Fire Nz X Kaleigh Female Pacing
Flamin Steel Bettors Delight Usa X Philtra Girl Male Pacing
Flaming Fives Angus Hall (us) X Flaming Action Female Trotting
Flaming Topaz Cullens Hope X Baroque Girl Female Pacing
Fletchas Roy Western Terror Usa X Ezee Duzit Lombo Male Pacing
Flick It Fling It Usa X Sli Trix Female Trotting
Fling It All About Fling It Usa X Walk Me Through It Male Trotting
Fling It Rainbow Fling It Usa X Rainbow Reflection Male Trotting
Flingandwingit Fling It Usa X Maybe Hall Male Trotting
Foolish Pleasure A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Vouvray Male Pacing
For All We Know Art Major Usa X Tout Le Monde Female Pacing
For Gee Mr Feelgood Usa X Sweet Barney Female Pacing
Fourbigmen Mach Three Ca X Aleppo Heiress Male Pacing
Fourockin Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Four Sisters Female Pacing
Fourth In Line Grinfromeartoear Usa X Doutzen Male Pacing
Fox Force Five Yankee Spider Usa X Motu Vee Female Trotting
Fragmental Always A Virgin Usa X Fragments Male Pacing
Frankie Barker Alta Christiano Nz X Monicas Notch Female Pacing
Freedom Writer Sportswriter Usa X Smart And Mighty Male Pacing
Fremarksindi Modern Art Usa X Issy Revonah Female Pacing
Fremarkspoetry Majestic Son Ca X A Poem Kept Female Trotting
Frosty Reception Majestic Son Ca X Auzzie Rose Female Trotting
Fullofmischief Major Bronski X Miss Jules Male Pacing
Galactic Gal Always A Virgin Usa X The Milky Way Female Pacing
Game Set Major Art Major Usa X Daniela Hantuchova Male Pacing
Gatesys Alley Yankee Spider Usa X Gatesys Girl Female Trotting
Gee Hee Rocks Pet Rock Usa X On Fifth Male Pacing
Georgias Pride Bacardi Lindy Usa X Abbeys Idle Female Trotting
Georgie Star Major Bronski X My Georgie Girl Female Pacing
Gigis Grinner Grinfromeartoear Usa X Mademoiselle Gigi Male Pacing
Gilded Mach Three Ca X Gold Castle Female Pacing
Glad All Over Great Success Usa X Gladys Emanuel Male Trotting
Glamour Rainbow Art Major Usa X Hay Sharon Female Pacing
Glenavril King Courage Under Fire Nz X Lombo Socialite Male Pacing
Go In Style Always A Virgin Usa X Modern Life Female Pacing
Go Jo Jolt Village Jolt Ca X Christmas Cullen Female Pacing
Gone And Forgotten Well Said Usa X Dieing Secret Female Pacing
Good Cop Art Major Usa X Secret Jewel Male Pacing
Goodjet Mr Feelgood Usa X Jet Lane Female Pacing
Goodtime Grace Mach Three Ca X Art De Triomphe Female Pacing
Goodtime Stryker Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Graces Beach Male Pacing
Gordon Girl Western Terror Usa X Im A Happy Girl Female Pacing
Gotonebettor Bettors Delight Usa X My Prerogative Male Pacing
Gotta Go Josie Gotta Go Cullect Nz X Flick The Switch Female Pacing
Gottahaveahobbie Well Said Usa X Ay Tee Em Male Pacing
Gourmet Girl Betterthancheddar Usa X Superbarby Female Pacing
Gozo Courage Courage Under Fire Nz X Stone Chip Male Pacing
Gracie Cullen Alta Christiano Nz X Grace Anatomy Female Pacing
Gray Nurse Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Libby On Fire Female Pacing
Graydale Son Majestic Son Ca X Eringa Belle Male Trotting
Greshar Well Said Usa X Secret Desire Male Pacing
Groom Mr Feelgood Usa X Lady Jillett Lombo Male Pacing
Hallaboutme Andover Hall (us) X Sumthingaboutmaori Male Trotting
Hancocks Hero Alta Christiano Nz X Ima Ritzi Lombo Male Pacing
Hannah Hall Blissfull Hall Usa X Sickle Mond Female Pacing
Hanover Sunshine All Speed Hanover Usa X Beverley Button Male Pacing
Hatchback Angus Hall (us) X Jauriol Male Trotting
Hateitwhenyourrite Lucky Chucky (us) X Adhesive Male Trotting
Have No Choice Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Rock Melody Male Pacing
Haveachew Western Terror Usa X Inner Peace Female Pacing
Having The Faith Art Major Usa X Christian Party Male Pacing
Hazelnuts Art Major Usa X Miss Hazel Male Pacing
Headline Act Sportswriter Usa X Impersonation Female Pacing
Heavens Showgirl Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Miss Deville Female Pacing
Hecs Elect Auckland Reactor Nz X Shes Elegant Female Pacing
Hector Macray Shadow Play Usa X Schonbrunn Male Pacing
Hello Hotshot Four Starzzz Shark Ca X May Fly Female Pacing
Hellofalass All Speed Hanover Usa X Beulah Belle Female Pacing
Her Heart Of Gold Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Feelingoodwaseasy Female Pacing
Hes A Modern Boy Modern Art Usa X Washingtonsfirstlady Male Pacing
Hes An Artist Art Major Usa X Espeshlimade Lombo Male Pacing
Hez Leo Da Vinci Art Major Usa X Zodiac Queen Male Pacing
Heza Bergstein Sportswriter Usa X Dance Party Male Pacing
Heza Secret A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Three Secrets Male Pacing
Heza Western Western Terror Usa X Perfect Bliss Male Pacing
Hidden Rumour Shadow Play Usa X Village Rumour Female Pacing
Highland Hill Muscle Hill (us) X Whitney Grace Male Trotting
Highland Major Art Major Usa X Bred To Win Female Pacing
Highmoralground Alta Christiano Nz X Our Rosstella Female Pacing
Hilary Hill Muscle Hill (us) X Box Brownie Female Trotting
Hillbilly Queen Auckland Reactor Nz X Gabrielle Bromac Female Pacing
His A Dreamer Bettors Delight Usa X My Double Dream Male Pacing
His Dream Lives On Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Strawberry Field Male Pacing
Holstein Major Bronski X Havilah Mistress Male Pacing
Hoppers Dream Major Bronski X Yes Please Louise Female Trotting
Horratio Roll With Joe Usa X La Belle Aurore Male Pacing
Hot Ziggity Majestic Son Ca X La Tonneralla Male Trotting
Hudsen Art Major Usa X Miss Trickin Lombo Male Pacing
Hugger Courage Under Fire Nz X Kristy Ann Hanover Male Pacing
Hugo Rocks Pet Rock Usa X Hanover Chance Male Pacing
Huli Nien Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Soho Cannes Male Pacing
Hurricane Harley Bettors Delight Usa X Sugarland Male Pacing
I Am Pegasus Pegasus Spur Ca X Ginger Gem Female Trotting
Iam Rochelles Art Art Major Usa X Rochelle Hanover Female Pacing
Iamthefirecracker Betterthancheddar Usa X Elixir Male Pacing
Iconic Major Art Major Usa X Classical Truscott Male Pacing
Ida Thoughtso Art Major Usa X Perfect Thoughts Female Pacing
Ideally Say Yes American Ideal Usa X Say Yes Josephine Female Pacing
Idyllic Princess Julius Caesar Nz X Lily Princess Female Pacing
Illawong Astro Well Said Usa X Miss Astronomical Female Pacing
Illawong Champers Pegasus Spur Ca X Illawong Chloe Male Trotting
Illawong Class Modern Art Usa X Classy Sheila Male Pacing
Illawong Gallant Village Jasper Usa X Illawong Geraldine Male Pacing
Illawong Jovial Modern Art Usa X Illawong Joyful Male Pacing
Illawong Kismet Art Major Usa X Illawong Kath Female Pacing
Illawong Luna Angus Hall (us) X Lunar Landing Female Trotting
Illawong Mimi Mach Three Ca X Magical Molly Female Pacing
Im A Terror Western Terror Usa X Tenilles A Classic Male Pacing
Im Alrite Western Terror Usa X Thats All Right Male Pacing
Im Jollygood Mr Feelgood Usa X Jolli Good Lombo Male Pacing
Im Sir Blake Alta Christiano Nz X Jupiters Darling Male Pacing
Ima Louie Touie Louey Louey Louey X Feng Shui Male Trotting
Ima Shady Guy Shadow Play Usa X Fiftycalgal Male Pacing
Image Of Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Illustrator Male Pacing
Imagine Its Me Mach Three Ca X Bella Boudicca Female Pacing
Imperial Countess Imperial Count Usa X Bacardi Jade Female Trotting
Imsettogo Used To Me Fra X Im Ready Set Female Trotting
Inbloom Land Shadow Play Usa X Blossom Land Female Pacing
Indiana Jane Smiling Shard Nz X Elysian Glory Female Pacing
Interest Me Mach Three Ca X Pretty Interest Female Pacing
Iona Diamond Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Lindsey Leigh Female Pacing
Irish Cheval Courage Under Fire Nz X Star Cheval Female Pacing
Island Rocknroll A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Special Needs Female Pacing
Itsallaboutjack Well Said Usa X Maybebaby Male Pacing
Itsarapt Majestic Son Ca X Rapt In A Rainbow Male Trotting
Itzamajor Surprise Art Major Usa X Itz Nosurprisesthere Female Pacing
Ive Got The Looks Union Guy Usa X El Maggie Female Pacing
Iza Sportz Starzzz Sportswriter Usa X Polite Lee Female Pacing
Izzy Jolie Art Major Usa X Dee Jay Jolie Female Pacing
Janice Ivy Western Terror Usa X Sweet Maddy Lombo Female Pacing
Janjuc Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Radical Calza Female Pacing
Jay Jay Shady Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Jessica Jasper Female Pacing
Jedstar Imperial Count Usa X Tangalan Jack Male Trotting
Jemstone Glory Stonebridge Regal Usa X Jemas Glory Female Pacing
Jenesaisquoi Mach Three Ca X Preponderance Female Pacing
Jessies Girl Western Terror Usa X Presidential Night Female Pacing
Jessies Girl Western Terror Usa X Presidential Night Female Pacing
Jet Black Orion Jet Laag Usa X Heavenly Pocket Male Pacing
Jigamaroo Bettors Delight Usa X Our Zellweger Male Pacing
Jilliby Bulldog Majestic Son Ca X Star Of Jordaine Male Trotting
Jilliby Dingo Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Slip Slop Slap Male Pacing
Jilliby Gypsy A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Heavenly Beauty Female Pacing
Jilliby Lollie Christian Cullen Nz X Diplomatic Lover Female Pacing
Jilliby Monkey Mcardle Usa X Jilliby Spice Male Pacing
Jilliby Spiderman Yankee Spider Usa X Cla Cee Heta Male Trotting
Jimmy Come Holme Big Jim Usa X Mythical Lover Male Pacing
Jimmy Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X As I Say Male Pacing
Jimmylesurf Mcardle Usa X Millwood Blaze Male Pacing
Jobells Image Always A Virgin Usa X Arts Image Female Pacing
Joes A Character Roll With Joe Usa X Queen Of Mirth Male Pacing
Juniper Bettors Delight Usa X Artifice Female Pacing
Just Believe Orlando Vici (fra) X Heavens Above Male Trotting
Just Call Me Wally Modern Art Usa X Athena Bromac Male Pacing
Just Speed All Speed Hanover Usa X Classic Chloe Male Pacing
Justblingit Cresco Grinfromeartoear Usa X Illawong Fabulous Female Pacing
Karalta Felesha Mach Three Ca X Caroline Claire Female Pacing
Kash Us Back Changeover Nz X Laughing Lilly Male Pacing
Kaybee Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Suzy Albert Male Pacing
Kaylasister Majestic Son Ca X Decisive Dash Female Trotting
Keayang Blinky Bettors Delight Usa X Major Day Male Pacing
Keayang Kookai Sportswriter Usa X Melita Female Pacing
Keayang Liberty Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Secret Twirl Female Pacing
Keayang Livana Imperial Count Usa X Poignant Female Trotting
Keelap Betterthancheddar Usa X Pacific Rose Male Pacing
Kelli Frost Art Major Usa X Mirella Female Pacing
Kenandi Denese Falcon Seelster Usa X Golden Illusion Female Pacing
Kept Too Long Union Guy Usa X Kept At Bey Female Trotting
Key Defender Bettors Delight Usa X Our Southern Rose Male Pacing
Kick It To Jack Village Jolt Ca X Sophies Girl Male Pacing
Kiedis Jet Laag Usa X Windsongs Heart Male Pacing
King Louey Louey Louey Louey X Classic Attitude Male Trotting
Kitsilano Armbro Variable Ca X Santa Barbra Female Trotting
Kiwi Kalahari Auckland Reactor Nz X Autumn Princess Male Pacing
Kualoa Art Major Usa X Hawiian Hottie Female Pacing
Kyvalley Candyman Skyvalley Nz X Kyvalley Cafe Male Trotting
Kyvalley Catwalk Lucky Chucky (us) X Missgoodytwoshoes Female Trotting
Kyvalley Charlie Andover Hall (us) X Kyvalley Kitty Male Pacing
Kyvalley Claire Muscle Hill (us) X Cashel Dagha Female Trotting
Kyvalley Clichy Angus Hall (us) X Modern Maori Male Trotting
Kyvalley Copycat Kyvalley Blur Usa X Kyvalley Lily Female Trotting
La Lola Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Predict Female Pacing
Labella Rock Pet Rock Usa X Machabella Female Pacing
Lady Majestic Art Major Usa X Calleija Female Pacing
Lady Savoia Art Major Usa X Armida Female Pacing
Larajay Macray Sportswriter Usa X Wya Mya Macray Female Pacing
Latrell Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Classic Cathy Male Pacing
Leanne Leeann Danny Bouchea X Possum Point Female Trotting
Leigha Miller Art Major Usa X Misty Miller Female Pacing
Lenas Art Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Goodtime Lena Female Pacing
Lets Go There Art Major Usa X Tps Girl Male Pacing
Letterkenny Boy Art Major Usa X Postmark Male Pacing
Libba Racy Western Terror Usa X Libbiemack Female Pacing
Liberland Pet Rock Usa X Live Your Life Male Pacing
Lifeinquestion Betterthancheddar Usa X Lifeinthecountry Female Pacing
Lil Sport Sportswriter Usa X Global Village Female Pacing
Lillyshelaine Changeover Nz X Princess Sandel Female Pacing
Line The Starzzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Life On The Line Female Trotting
Listahblitz Modern Art Usa X Prettypretty Woman Male Pacing
Little Miss Chlo Majestic Son Ca X Miss Cue Female Trotting
Little Yankee Yankee Spider Usa X Admirals Image Male Trotting
Littlelioneljames Alta Christiano Nz X Miss Winfrey Male Pacing
Lively Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Left Town Male Pacing
Livin In Maninky Live Or Die Usa X Trouble In Maninky Female Pacing
Livinontheedge Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Etla Male Pacing
Local Icon Grinfromeartoear Usa X It Is What It Is Male Pacing
Loch Leven Auckland Reactor Nz X Godine Diligent Male Pacing
Lochinvar Art Modern Art Usa X Ponder In Paris Male Pacing
Lochster Western Terror Usa X Bute Sister Male Pacing
Lola Montez American Ideal Usa X Shes Norma Jeane Female Pacing
Longnwindingroad Always A Virgin Usa X Gone Walkabout Male Pacing
Looking Fabulous A Rocknroll Dance Usa X National Gallery Female Pacing
Loose Cash Bacardi Lindy Usa X Palkia Male Trotting
Lord Commander Village Jolt Ca X Aurora Mach Male Pacing
Lorimerhanover All Speed Hanover Usa X Rose Of Reba Female Pacing
Lost Four Words Well Said Usa X Four Zoe Female Pacing
Lucky Keringle Sportswriter Usa X Lova Keringle Female Pacing
Lucky Serina Lucky Chucky (us) X Janover Hanover Female Trotting
Lunar Delight Bettors Delight Usa X Lughnasadh Female Pacing
Lunar Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Lunar Beach Male Pacing
Lurking Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Orion Star Male Pacing
Luverboy Mach Three Ca X Shesallyank Male Pacing
Luvtoo Bettors Delight Usa X Indi Rose Female Pacing
Machstique Mach Three Ca X All Mystique Male Pacing
Mackalan Mach Three Ca X Surstromming Male Pacing
Madame Annie Sportswriter Usa X Madame Lily Female Pacing
Madonna Tragic Always A Virgin Usa X Union Fame Female Pacing
Maffioso Girl Maffioso X Towelling Female Pacing
Magic In Her Moves Mach Three Ca X Jo Louleonie Female Pacing
Magic River Alta Christiano Nz X Rivergum Magic Male Pacing
Magiclass Majestic Son Ca X Cookeyslass Female Trotting
Majestic Dream Majestic Son Ca X Orlandos Dream Female Trotting
Majestic Dunbar Majestic Son Ca X Dancewithadunbar Female Trotting
Majestic Speed Majestic Son Ca X Apache Speed Female Trotting
Majestic Sunrise Majestic Son Ca X Melpark Sunrise Male Trotting
Majic Fair Majestic Son Ca X Clefairy Female Trotting
Major Banks Major Bronski X Bed And Bank Male Pacing
Major Comment Major Bronski X Why Comment Male Pacing
Major Davvin Art Major Usa X Rye Hanover Male Pacing
Major Delico Art Major Usa X Mendelico Male Pacing
Major Delico Art Major Usa X Mendelico Male Pacing
Major Exclusive Art Major Usa X Saved A Corka Male Pacing
Major Hill Muscle Hill (us) X Leavemein Male Trotting
Major Kiss Art Major Usa X Kiss Kenny Female Pacing
Major Lynd Art Major Usa X Vesper Lynd Male Pacing
Major Mad Art Major Usa X Shy Star Male Pacing
Major Manbar Major Bronski X Korobeit Princess Male Pacing
Major Monty Art Major Usa X Arma Nightingale Male Pacing
Major Mucha Art Major Usa X Bella Shine Male Pacing
Major Obahma Art Major Usa X Obahma Joy Male Pacing
Major Seascape Art Major Usa X Styx On The Beach Male Pacing
Major Sheffield Art Major Usa X Jasmine Sheffield Female Pacing
Make Haste All Speed Hanover Usa X Lilla Male Pacing
Malcolms Rhythm Art Major Usa X Shes Got It All Male Pacing
Malibu Jack Grinfromeartoear Usa X Classic Malibu Male Pacing
Mallee Jet Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Forget The Frills Male Pacing
Mallee Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Our Angel Flight Male Pacing
Mamas Gold Charm Mach Three Ca X Gold Sarn Female Pacing
Mamas New Dude Western Terror Usa X Shake It Mama Male Pacing
Mammals Riddle Western Terror Usa X Meet Me In London Male Pacing
Man From Braavos Mach Three Ca X Artificial Male Pacing
Mandy Joan Art Major Usa X Endless Journey Female Pacing
Marcelo Sportswriter Usa X Beira Male Pacing
Mariahs Choice Art Official Ca X Ivanka Female Pacing
Marianna Bromac Art Major Usa X Maravu Haley Female Pacing
Markleigh Arch Western Terror Usa X Markleigh Princess Male Pacing
Martin Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Out In Style Male Pacing
Martys Party Alta Christiano Nz X Jazzstar Male Pacing
Massimo Milly Art Major Usa X Massimo Miss Female Pacing
Master Spark Majestic Son Ca X Arcupandgo Male Trotting
Maxwell John Village Jolt Ca X Queen Of The World Male Pacing
Maywyn He Said Well Said Usa X Artistic Gal Male Pacing
Maywyn Tough Pet Rock Usa X Bonton Lady Male Pacing
Maywynamasterpiece Life Sign Usa X Trulyawork Of Art Male Pacing
Megans Art Art Major Usa X Jazzam Female Pacing
Melman Jim Big Jim Usa X Significantlee Male Pacing
Melpark Butch Western Terror Usa X Golden Forrest Male Pacing
Melpark Rebecca Yankee Spider Usa X Melpark Miccole Female Trotting
Messerati Art Major Usa X Mesmerizing Male Pacing
Midnight Queen Grinfromeartoear Usa X Indiana Lucy Female Pacing
Millah Joy Bettors Delight Usa X Dreams Of Heaven Female Pacing
Mishon Control Major Bronski X Hidden Draw Male Pacing
Miss Artistic Artistic Fella Usa X Shes Ok Bye Female Pacing
Miss Caruso Live Or Die Usa X Rebecca Sheffield Female Pacing
Miss Cullenreactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Mes Cullen Female Pacing
Miss Kardash Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Frostyana Female Pacing
Miss Mcgonagall Modern Art Usa X Fleur Delacour Female Pacing
Miss Moraine Pet Rock Usa X Major Love Female Pacing
Miss Opie Bells And Whistles X Who Knew Female Pacing
Miss Sweden Majestic Son Ca X Zoia Boko Swe Female Trotting
Miss Tipsy Bacardi Lindy Usa X Enjoy A Champers Female Trotting
Mittyactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Our Millie Mac Male Pacing
Mizzz Adele Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Never More Female Pacing
Modern Zodiac Modern Art Usa X Starsign Dreama Female Pacing
Mojave Magic Maffioso X Arizona Magic Male Pacing
Molly Girl Shadow Play Usa X Almartina Female Pacing
Mona Mia Sportswriter Usa X Tayarna Mia Female Pacing
Montana Son Down Under Muscles X Montana Sky Male Trotting
Monty Major Art Major Usa X Court Safely Male Pacing
Moonshine Stride Majestic Son Ca X Dusk Stride Female Trotting
More Than A Legend Shadow Play Usa X Stoneridge Lass Male Pacing
Moreflingthanbling Fling It Usa X Extroglory Male Trotting
Morengo Magic Western Terror Usa X Whitleys Scooter Male Pacing
Moreton Bay Majestic Son Ca X Escandolo Male Trotting
Mornings Dawn Ofa New Day Usa X Frans Jewel Female Pacing
Mota Mate Bettors Delight Usa X Gemfire Male Pacing
Muckinbar Magic Bgs Folly Usa X Muckinbar Lady Female Pacing
Muddy Wobbles Modern Art Usa X Bayunga Sweet Fire Male Trotting
Mulberry Pie Great Success Usa X Miss Laura Loo Female Trotting
Mumstheword Louey Louey Louey X Mosquito Duchess Male Trotting
Murranji Moonlight Tell All Usa X Jennas Beach Girl Female Pacing
My Anna Rani Roll With Joe Usa X Little Miss Voodoo Female Pacing
My Carmen Well Said Usa X Ball Dancer Female Pacing
My Celebrity Always A Virgin Usa X Celebrity Ball Male Pacing
My Cousin Lenny Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Angola Male Pacing
My Hips Dont Lie Cullens Legacy Nz X Pandoras Maya Female Trotting
My Justice Western Edition Usa X Rogue Union Male Pacing
My Little Comet Great Success Usa X Brite N Lucky Female Trotting
My Logic Western Ideal (us) X Sign Logic Female Pacing
My Mate Col Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Nightn Georgia Male Pacing
My Mate Stewy Betterthancheddar Usa X Espshlilucky Lombo Male Pacing
My Porsche Blissfull Hall Usa X Venus Williams Female Pacing
My Superannuation Mr Feelgood Usa X Honeyrose Female Pacing
My Ultimate Major Art Major Usa X Talorem Male Pacing
My Ultimate Romeo Art Major Usa X Hot Chili Stride Male Pacing
Mymumwasthebest Louey Louey Louey X Princess Narooma Female Trotting
Mynameisjeff Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Nightoffire Male Pacing
Mynameisruby Life Sign Usa X Tinted Rose Female Pacing
Mynamesgraham Imperial Count Usa X Strike Destroyer Male Trotting
Nancys Boy Art Major Usa X Nancy Miles Male Pacing
Nans Sister Julius Caesar Nz X Biddys Star Female Pacing
Nates A Grinner Grinfromeartoear Usa X Its Sealed With A Kiss Male Pacing
Nationaldraft Modern Art Usa X Lavra Cloe Male Pacing
Nephew Of Sonoko Danny Bouchea X Sister Of Sonoko Male Trotting
Nerveracking Skyvalley Nz X Maori Acacia Female Trotting
Nightmares Roll With Joe Usa X Dream Allulike Male Pacing
Nil Desperandum Live Or Die Usa X Alita Paree Male Pacing
No Emotion Grinfromeartoear Usa X Sokysokylala Male Pacing
Noble Julia Julius Caesar Nz X Dillon Daffodil Female Pacing
Normandy Belle Ready Cash (fra) X Bella Cheval Female Trotting
Northern Jett Bgs Folly Usa X Imjetlaaged Male Pacing
Nostra Ideal American Ideal Usa X Indigenous Male Pacing
Not A Craka Gotta Go Cullect Nz X Soho Galatea Female Pacing
October Wind Dejarmbro (us) X Oceania Male Trotting
Okmadi Sportswriter Usa X Laura Madison Female Pacing
Ol Titch Sportswriter Usa X Miss Philpotts Male Pacing
Old Farm Way Western Terror Usa X Petite Alto Female Pacing
On Patrol Mcardle Usa X Keep Watching Me Male Pacing
One More No More Betterthancheddar Usa X Bellakey Male Pacing
Oneforallallforone Maffioso X Dontsayawordbut Male Pacing
Orlandos Gift Orlando Vici (fra) X Calder Luck Male Trotting
Our Blackeyed Suzy Sportswriter Usa X Blackjack Lady Female Pacing
Our Boy Brax Well Said Usa X Rosharni Male Pacing
Our Notorious One Western Terror Usa X Galleons Bud Male Pacing
Our Princess Tiffany Art Major Usa X Dancing Diamonds Female Pacing
Our Road Star Betterthancheddar Usa X Badlands Beauty Male Pacing
Our Road To Mecca Art Major Usa X Petousa Female Pacing
Our Smarty Pants All Speed Hanover Usa X Witchwaywendy Female Pacing
Our Star And Back American Ideal Usa X Triple Franco Female Pacing
Our Yankee Yankee Spider Usa X Hilltown Ashley Male Trotting
Out To Play Art Major Usa X Play Ball Male Pacing
Over Change Changeover Nz X Coiffeuse Male Pacing
Overandout Majestic Son Ca X Coruscating Male Trotting
Overreaction Auckland Reactor Nz X Dee Emm Dancer Male Pacing
Par Ici Ready Cash (fra) X This Way Female Trotting
Party Rocking A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Cam But Try Female Pacing
Partytime Majestic Son Ca X Dizzyinterest Male Trotting
Passionate Pursuit Courage Under Fire Nz X Passionate Embrace Female Pacing
Payup Orleave Live Or Die Usa X Orta Be Ruthless Male Pacing
Peacemaker Art Major Usa X Endeared Male Pacing
Pearls For Tash Shadow Play Usa X Roses For Tash Female Pacing
Pepe Ole Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Mystic Bliss Male Pacing
Peppercorn Dan Maffioso X Tahlia Miss Male Pacing
Peregrine Phoenix Muscle Hill (us) X Maple Eve Phoenix Female Trotting
Perfect Major Art Major Usa X Perfect Life Male Pacing
Pershing American Ideal Usa X Sunset Soky Male Pacing
Petes Big Jim Big Jim Usa X Foxi Male Pacing
Petite Springfield Yankee Spider Usa X Emmylu Springfield Female Trotting
Philadelphia Freedom Art Major Usa X Putting On The Glitz Male Pacing
Pinevale Monnaie Ready Cash (fra) X Pinevale Ellason Female Trotting
Pinkie Promise Safari X Dixie Chick Dreama Male Pacing
Pippa Maree American Ideal Usa X Eastern Art Female Pacing
Plan Ce Art Major Usa X Saabette Male Pacing
Polar Lights Bettors Delight Usa X Bella Aurora Female Pacing
Portly Mach Mach Three Ca X Lombo Portrait Female Pacing
Power Supply Auckland Reactor Nz X Mcarlian Male Pacing
Prettylilangus Angus Hall (us) X Prettylilangeleyes Female Trotting
Prince Bronski Major Bronski X Odette Bromac Male Pacing
Prince Of Light Majestic Son Ca X Solar Flash Male Trotting
Prince Of Pirates Western Edition Usa X Sparksrgunnafly Male Pacing
Princess Alexandra Caribbean Blaster X Thrill Me Female Pacing
Princess Faith Majestic Son Ca X Yankee Princess Female Trotting
Princess Rider Sportswriter Usa X Impressiveprincess Female Pacing
Problem Maker Western Ideal (us) X Thorninmyside Female Pacing
Prosecco Boy Betterthancheddar Usa X Rosalee Hanover Male Pacing
Purple Lantana Great Success Usa X Solana Female Trotting
Quadricep Down Under Muscles X Two Legs Male Pacing
Queen Of Diamonds Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Mi Coconut Female Pacing
Queen Of Eurasia Bacardi Lindy Usa X Maori Missile Female Trotting
Queens Gallery Art Major Usa X Peaceful Dreams Female Pacing
Querencia Andover Hall (us) X Justa Phoenix Male Trotting
Quick Andover Andover Hall (us) X Miss Impromptu Male Trotting
Quick Sting Roll With Joe Usa X Kilfenora Male Pacing
Quietachiever Bettors Delight Usa X Artistic Dancer Male Pacing
Raani Changeover Nz X Baracks Angel Female Pacing
Raffas Ace A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Henin Hardenne Male Pacing
Rambleon Blissfull Hall Usa X Cheryls Fancy Male Pacing
Ramos Angus Hall (us) X Vanilla Sunrise Male Trotting
Rave On Hall Andover Hall (us) X Pretty Peggy Sue Male Trotting
Raven Rosie Art Major Usa X Getya Wings Out Female Pacing
Razs Veyron Sportswriter Usa X Missy Elliott Male Pacing
Reachforthetill Art Major Usa X Giveitawhirlgirl Female Pacing
Reactor Now Auckland Reactor Nz X Whos Sorry Now Male Pacing
Ready To Rule Ready Cash (fra) X Maidstone Miss Male Trotting
Ready To Shine Ready Cash (fra) X Adellas Dash Female Trotting
Readyforaction Ready Cash (fra) X La Biscuit Male Trotting
Reality Writer Sportswriter Usa X Reality Check Female Pacing
Redbank Cooper Art Major Usa X Lettucedance Male Pacing
Reflection Of Time Live Or Die Usa X Midnight Mistress Male Pacing
Reign Maker Bettors Delight Usa X Majestic Reign Male Pacing
Reine De Vitesse Used To Me Fra X Speedy Naomi Female Trotting
Remember Henry Circlethewagons X Kiesey Lass Male Trotting
Rena Majore Art Major Usa X Sheena Rena Female Pacing
Renway Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Aspire To Glory Male Pacing
Revolt Bettors Delight Usa X Repelem Male Pacing
Revolt Bettors Delight Usa X Repelem Male Pacing
Rigondeaux Majestic Son Ca X Galleons Bliss Male Trotting
Rinjani Art Major Usa X Arctic Fire Female Pacing
River Boss Mach Three Ca X Live To Fly Male Pacing
Riverina Ava All Speed Hanover Usa X Riverina Katrina Female Pacing
Robs Legacy Artistic Fella Usa X Sunrose Mary Female Pacing
Rock On Playboy Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Pacific Playgirl Male Pacing
Rock On Shadow Pet Rock Usa X Art Shadow Male Pacing
Rockasaki Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Nakasaki Magoo Female Pacing
Rockford Peach Great Success Usa X Our First Strike Female Trotting
Rocking Bugatti Pet Rock Usa X My Little Black Dress Male Pacing
Rocking Wroxton A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Party Time Girl Male Pacing
Rockndesire Pet Rock Usa X Desiring Bella Male Pacing
Rocknrandom Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X So Random Female Pacing
Rocknroll Fever A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Monicas Grin Female Pacing
Rocknroll Opal Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Wattabout A Smile Male Pacing
Rocks Arnt Pets Pet Rock Usa X Halfa Falcon Male Pacing
Rocky Creed Pet Rock Usa X Miss Toolern Vale Male Pacing
Rollawayjo Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Lewisienna Jo Female Pacing
Rollonby Roll With Joe Usa X Beach Melody Male Pacing
Romany Brown Julius Caesar Nz X Miss Par Male Pacing
Rosarito Beach Pet Rock Usa X Out Swing N Male Pacing
Rosie Sambrosie Major Bronski X Sambrosie Lass Female Pacing
Rossini Mach Three Ca X Miss Fantastic Male Pacing
Royal Admiral Auckland Reactor Nz X Life Coquette Male Pacing
Royal Charlotte Majestic Son Ca X Charlotte Galleon Female Trotting
Roylance Sportswriter Usa X Spice On Ice Male Pacing
Ruby Darlin Changeover Nz X Reason To Live Female Pacing
Russian Agent Major Bronski X Rich In Memories Male Pacing
Russley Rush Art Major Usa X Russley Haste Male Pacing
Ruthless Lizzie Bacardi Lindy Usa X Ruthless Jenny Female Trotting
Sahara Tiger Art Major Usa X Sahara Miss Male Pacing
Saint Germain Orlando Vici (fra) X Top Of The Anvils Male Trotting
Saint Houdini Shadow Play Usa X Saint Babe Male Pacing
Sally Em Bacardi Lindy Usa X Run Pepper Run Female Trotting
Salvator Mundi Art Major Usa X Badlandsdreamkacha Male Pacing
Sammy Cyrus Art Major Usa X Mixed With A Twist Male Pacing
Sammy Showdown Bacardi Lindy Usa X Alabama Showdown Male Trotting
Santa Casa Dream Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Lombo Sleek Streak Female Pacing
Say A Prayer Bettors Delight Usa X Chrissy Sheffield Female Pacing
Scene Of Terror Western Terror Usa X Clean The Scene Female Pacing
School Fees Auckland Reactor Nz X Dilingent Miss Female Pacing
Scofflaw Majestic Son Ca X Insulated Female Trotting
Scorcha Art Major Usa X Sparks Under Fire Female Pacing
Scruffy Doolan Majestic Son Ca X African Magic Male Trotting
Seasong Auckland Reactor Nz X Bella Paloma Female Pacing
Secret Code Sportswriter Usa X Mini Bonus Female Pacing
Seemepearlywhites Grinfromeartoear Usa X Numismatic Female Pacing
Selaphobia Western Terror Usa X Glitzy Miss Female Pacing
Serena De Feu Maffioso X Petite De Erle Female Pacing
Shadow Assassin Shadow Play Usa X Cee Pee Wanda Female Pacing
Shadow Dancing Modern Art Usa X Jaz Equity Male Trotting
Shady Hanover Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Teresa Gee Female Pacing
Shakara Wind Cries Maori Nz X Go Glory Female Trotting
Shardonant All Speed Hanover Usa X Gripnrip Male Pacing
Shargreg Art Major Usa X Estasi Male Pacing
Shark Luck Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Delwyns Daughter Male Pacing
Sharkbite Alto Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Sugar Alto Male Pacing
She Is The One Muscle Hill (us) X Right Interest Female Trotting
Sheezabay Alta Christiano Nz X Pacific Made Female Pacing
Sheldon Maffioso X For Sevens Sake Male Pacing
Shesashark Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Jean Caulder Female Pacing
Shez A Dood Bgs Folly Usa X Do Declare Female Trotting
Sheza De Jay Dejarmbro (us) X Sheza Comment Female Pacing
Shezaawesomelover Art Major Usa X Our Awesome Lover Female Pacing
Shortys Mate Mal Julius Caesar Nz X Gracious Pearl Male Pacing
Shoshone Brave Bettors Delight Usa X Little Red Cloud Male Pacing
Siedra Caleb Art Major Usa X Pride Kept Me Female Pacing
Singing The Girl Yankee Spider Usa X Singing Creek Female Trotting
Single Tree Road Bettors Delight Usa X Alashell Female Pacing
Sir Danny Avon Danny Bouchea X Sierra Tiavon Male Trotting
Sir Spokesy Shadow Play Usa X Teen Dreams Male Pacing
Sleepee Dejarmbro (us) X Safely Sally Female Trotting
Slingshot Bettors Delight Usa X Catapult Male Pacing
Smart Fortune Art Major Usa X Affairs Of State Male Pacing
Smartalec Sportswriter Usa X Classy Smartypants Male Pacing
Smash It Sportswriter Usa X Sexy Lady Female Pacing
Smile For Success Great Success Usa X Chrissy Truscott Female Trotting
Smynanna Mickey Bettors Delight Usa X Doris Jay Female Pacing
Sneakin Around Majestic Son Ca X Mangonique Male Trotting
Soho Crucio Art Major Usa X Incendio Female Pacing
Soho Desperado Bettors Delight Usa X Soho Champagne Male Pacing
Soho Innuendo Art Major Usa X Fidelius Charm Female Pacing
Soho Interceptor Art Major Usa X Aussie Made Lombo Female Pacing
Soho Malibu Art Major Usa X Country Change Female Pacing
Soho Nolita Mach Three Ca X Pixel Perfect Female Pacing
Soho Thunderstruck Art Major Usa X Hear No Secret Male Pacing
Son Of Zodiac Artistic Fella Usa X Lombo Quick Step Male Pacing
Sonnumberone Majestic Son Ca X Onlyonewoman Male Trotting
Soundslikeart Art Major Usa X Sounds Alive Female Pacing
Source To Martyr Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Joan Of Ark Female Pacing
Southbound Red Bacardi Lindy Usa X Stardust Annie Male Trotting
Special Interest Yankee Spider Usa X Dream Interest Male Trotting
Spectra Vee Art Major Usa X Well Hello Dolly Male Pacing
Speed Dating All Speed Hanover Usa X Chick At The Bar Female Pacing
Speedy Leo Art Major Usa X Rubeelee Male Pacing
Sport Dreamer Sportswriter Usa X Holdthatdream Male Pacing
Sportifico Sportswriter Usa X Albertique Male Pacing
Sporting Icon Sportswriter Usa X Rock Me Gently Male Pacing
Sporty Ben Sportswriter Usa X Bennies Daughter Male Pacing
Sporty Culture Sportswriter Usa X Cafe Culture Female Pacing
Sporty Max Sportswriter Usa X Idle Spirit Female Pacing
Sporty Spunky Sportswriter Usa X Rebekah Female Pacing
Sportzscribe Sportswriter Usa X Bettor Abs Male Pacing
Spring Delight Bettors Delight Usa X Spring To Life Male Pacing
Springa Big Jim Usa X Jomeka Female Pacing
Springfield Desire Grinfromeartoear Usa X Flamingo Rose Male Pacing
Staley Bettors Delight Usa X Left In Paris Male Pacing
Star Dream Sportswriter Usa X Jordan Next Female Pacing
Star Major Art Major Usa X Vertigal Male Pacing
Star Pupil Alta Christiano Nz X Lady Dynamo Male Pacing
Star Style Girl Betterthancheddar Usa X Wicker Bella Female Pacing
Starlight Red Red Samurai X Starlights Silver Female Trotting
Starlight Safari Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Safari Breeze Male Pacing
Starry Mach Mach Three Ca X Silkari Star Male Pacing
Starski Art Major Usa X Rozelski Female Pacing
Starzzzinthemakin Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Wall Of Silence Male Pacing
Stealth Majestic Son Ca X Zesta Female Trotting
Steam Cleaned Art Major Usa X Steam Washed Male Pacing
Stefsastar Art Major Usa X Nightshade Franco Male Pacing
Strongnbold Courage Under Fire Nz X Tiz Herself Male Pacing
Struve Courage Under Fire Nz X Jets Girl Male Pacing
Stylish Gem Art Major Usa X Stylish Jasper Female Pacing
Stylish Grin Grinfromeartoear Usa X Ashleigh Simone Female Pacing
Sun Peaks Modern Art Usa X Bronski Flyer Male Pacing
Sundar Kali Major Bronski X Its Midnight Female Pacing
Sunday Cove Union Guy Usa X Ruby My Love Male Pacing
Super Angus Angus Hall (us) X Senita Male Trotting
Surbiton Hartbreak Courage Under Fire Nz X Queena Harts Lombo Male Pacing
Suresoundslikealie Big Jim Usa X Always Lacking Female Pacing
Surfsup Somebeachsomewhere Usa X Thisiswhoiam Male Pacing
Surreal Art Major Usa X Foreal Male Pacing
Switcher Union Guy Usa X Bentom Belle Female Pacing
Tale Of The Dragon Killer Carson Usa X Dragons Angel Male Pacing
Talk To Me Baby Well Said Usa X Lets Go Baby Female Pacing
Tall Tale Art Major Usa X Tell No Tales Female Pacing
Tam Oshanter Bacardi Lindy Usa X Ima Tartan Tease Male Trotting
Tangoingwithsierra Sportswriter Usa X Sierra Tango Female Pacing
Tara Leeann Pet Rock Usa X Reply Withcourage Female Pacing
Tarzali Sportswriter Usa X Flyin Indi Air Female Pacing
Tassie Safari Safari X Exclusive Michelle Female Pacing
Taylor Bromac Art Major Usa X Tatijana Bromac Female Pacing
Tearsonmypillow Auckland Reactor Nz X Blitzem Lass Female Pacing
Tex Goes Bang Bettors Delight Usa X Eastern Lookout Male Pacing
Thargomindah Kate Auckland Reactor Nz X More Glory Female Pacing
Thatsmeinthecorner Badlands Hanover Usa X The Charm School Male Pacing
The Ant Killer Killer Carson Usa X Perfectworkofart Male Pacing
The Blue Wren Well Said Usa X Miss Paula Male Pacing
The Bont Armbro Variable Ca X Smokey Robyn Male Trotting
The Empress Art Major Usa X Easton All Action Female Pacing
The Ethletic American Ideal Usa X Three Eagles Male Pacing
The Forbiddenfruit Grinfromeartoear Usa X Maud Female Pacing
The Green Fairy Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Lilian Grey Female Pacing
The Knight Star Blissfull Hall Usa X Flora Star Male Pacing
The Last Word Well Said Usa X Closure Male Pacing
The Narrator Western Terror Usa X Rayannes Phoenix Female Pacing
The Night King Danny Bouchea X Motu Paulina Male Trotting
The Night Terror Western Terror Usa X Music Of The Night Female Pacing
The Penny Drops Danny Bouchea X Chilly Pepperell Male Trotting
The Prima Grinner Grinfromeartoear Usa X The Prima Donna Male Pacing
The Red Warrior Bacardi Lindy Usa X Spring Fly Male Trotting
The Rusty Nail All Speed Hanover Usa X Soho Jolie Male Pacing
The Shallows Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Exotic Angel Male Pacing
The Spin Professor Well Said Usa X Live And Learn Male Pacing
The Tooth Fairy All Speed Hanover Usa X Panorama Spur Female Pacing
Theappleofmyeye Eilean Donon Usa X Aldebaran Etta Female Trotting
Theyallendiny Majestic Son Ca X Elusive Charm Male Trotting
This Is Bill Shadow Play Usa X Bella Enobrac Male Pacing
Thomas Heights A Rocknroll Dance Usa X The Golden Bird Male Pacing
Three One Two One Bacardi Lindy Usa X Ifu Seek Flight Female Trotting
Three Shadows Shadow Play Usa X Georgies Just Fine Female Pacing
Tidal Surge Mach Three Ca X Aquae Sulis Male Pacing
Tiger Courage Courage Under Fire Nz X Neffeli Lavra Female Pacing
Tiger For Life Pegasus Spur Ca X Kano Idol Male Trotting
Tiger Play Shadow Play Usa X Tiger Lulu Male Pacing
Tiger Storm Art Major Usa X Tigress Franco Female Pacing
Timmy Limousine Sportswriter Usa X Cunning Kate Male Pacing
Tina Calls Mach Three Ca X Garden Gate Tina Female Pacing
Tinge Of Fear Western Terror Usa X Tinted Pearl Female Pacing
Tiseh Selina Tintin In America Nz X Catwalk Female Pacing
Titan Bromac Art Major Usa X Tandias Courage Male Pacing
Titanium Power Western Terror Usa X Awesome Powers Male Pacing
Tiz A Goodtime Tiz A Masterpiece Usa X Goodtime Katie Male Pacing
Tom Kat Live Or Die Usa X The Beautifulsouth Male Pacing
Topsies Dancin A Rocknroll Dance Usa X Trebla Trebla Female Pacing
Torque Of Dreams Auckland Reactor Nz X Torque Of Life Female Pacing
Torrid Saint Shadow Play Usa X Torridon Male Pacing
Toselli Art Major Usa X Forest Glory Female Pacing
Touche De Fling Fling It Usa X Touch Of Paris Male Trotting
Tough It Out Blissfull Hall Usa X Illawong Lilly Male Pacing
Tracer Bullet Mach Three Ca X Arty Alice Male Pacing
Trappertwo All Speed Hanover Usa X Kamwood Lena Male Pacing
Trembita Major Bronski X Twinkletoes Female Pacing
Troublesome Art Artistic Fella Usa X Haytime Male Pacing
Trucolors Art Major Usa X Jadah Rose Female Pacing
Tryna Portray Betterthancheddar Usa X Amarooka Jazz Female Pacing
Tsolakis Modern Art Usa X Spread The Joy Male Pacing
Tuffanuff Modern Art Usa X Xmas In Manhattan Female Pacing
Tweet About It Always A Virgin Usa X Chain Of Gold Female Pacing
Two Parts Art Modern Art Usa X La Perla Lombo Male Pacing
Two Shirls Elsu Nz X Champagne Dash Female Pacing
Two Times Bettor Bettors Delight Usa X Twice As Hot Female Pacing
Twobobjack Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Canyopera Male Pacing
Ucanttouchthis Always A Virgin Usa X Primo Hammer Female Pacing
Union Boss Union Guy Usa X Torrential Hannah Male Pacing
Uptongirl Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Upton Female Pacing
Valiant Charger Mach Three Ca X Valiant Sue Male Pacing
Valla Reine Cams Fool Usa X Varney Regina Female Pacing
Valley Of Terror Western Terror Usa X Hasana Franco Male Pacing
Velocity Stride Mach Three Ca X Gina Stride Male Pacing
Vena May Art Major Usa X Tara Royale Female Pacing
Vicstar Sharazzz Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Victoria Street Male Pacing
Victoria Brew Sportswriter Usa X Charlotte Brew Female Pacing
Villacci Modern Art Usa X Village Glow Male Pacing
Village Festival Peace Of Art Ca X Sounds Impressive Female Pacing
Village Rhythm Village Jolt Ca X Girls Got Rhythm Female Pacing
Vincent Kai Bacardi Lindy Usa X Subitize Male Trotting
Vindicating Tennotrump X Maori Sunshine Male Trotting
Viniana All Speed Hanover Usa X Fijian Smile Female Pacing
Vintage Cruiser Betterthancheddar Usa X Mystic Cruiser Male Pacing
Violetta Gift Andover Hall (us) X Shez Allrighty Female Trotting
Viva La Nina Falcon Seelster Usa X Viva La Rena Female Pacing
Waiheke Reactor Auckland Reactor Nz X Nickeke Female Pacing
Walkerville Dan Danny Bouchea X Only One Aussie Male Trotting
Walkerville Star Bacardi Lindy Usa X Starlight Beau Male Trotting
Waltenberg Yankee Spider Usa X Black Curlew Male Trotting
Wanda Andover Hall (us) X Flash Teena Female Trotting
Weerrook Buddy Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Tartan Dynasty Male Pacing
Well Well Well Said Usa X Johnola Babe Male Pacing
Wellsaidlucy Well Said Usa X Virtual Hanover Female Pacing
Weshouldbesolucky Lucky Chucky (us) X Vari Perfect Male Trotting
Western Belle Western Terror Usa X Forever Shining Female Pacing
Western Crisis Western Ideal (us) X Christa Male Pacing
Western Crisis Western Ideal (us) X Christa Male Pacing
Western Ricki Western Terror Usa X Grace Artois Male Pacing
Western Secret Western Terror Usa X Lifes Secret Female Pacing
Western Sonador Western Terror Usa X Refresh Me Male Pacing
What A Pleasure All Speed Hanover Usa X Debutante Female Pacing
Whata Rockstar Sportswriter Usa X Dream Bonus Male Pacing
Whatleys Wombat Art Major Usa X Our Surfer Girl Male Pacing
Wheresmilzee Holmes Hanover Usa X Hilary Franco Male Pacing
Whirily Rolls Roll With Joe Usa X Formalize Female Trotting
Who Shot The Boss Smiling Shard Nz X Last Sharon Female Pacing
Wicked Liquor Bacardi Lindy Usa X Wicked Schemes Female Trotting
Wicksonfire Tell All Usa X Merindah Micron Female Pacing
Wild Imagination Safari X Elsu Dream Female Pacing
Wild Man Art Major Usa X The Good Times Male Pacing
Will He Star Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Sokysatin Male Pacing
Williams Fling Fling It Usa X Party Lights Male Trotting
Williams Rainbow Bacardi Lindy Usa X Carolyn Laycock Male Trotting
Wingate Guy Union Guy Usa X Alberts Belle Male Pacing
Winsome Ruby Bacardi Lindy Usa X Move On By Female Trotting
Winters Dance Western Terror Usa X Lindarella Female Pacing
Wisp Of Smoke Dejarmbro (us) X Fire Chase Female Trotting
Without Hesitation Well Said Usa X Without Guile Female Pacing
Woody Nightshade Sportswriter Usa X Bitta Sweet Lombo Male Pacing
Wroy Sportswriter Usa X Roosisoftwo Male Pacing
Wundurra Smiling Shard Nz X Tag Heuer Male Pacing
Xebec Orlando Vici (fra) X Elle Galleon Male Trotting
Yankee Twister Yankee Spider Usa X Telern Grace Male Trotting
Yankee Vision American Ideal Usa X All Eyes On Me Female Pacing
Yannarie Art Major Usa X Atworthy Maid Female Pacing
Yellow Stone Yankee Spider Usa X Lombo Luvbird Male Pacing
Yentls Goldfinger Yentls Star X Gondoland Female Trotting
Young Rooster Well Said Usa X Musical Delight Male Pacing
Your Not With Me Shadow Play Usa X Magical Sue Male Pacing
Yoursnmine Blissfull Hall Usa X Dancinwithjodi Male Pacing
Zarem Wishing Stone (us) X Broadacrossthebeam Male Trotting
Zephiane Lawman Usa X Pocket Fantasy Female Trotting
Zoliver Mach Three Ca X Aston Villa Male Pacing
All Speed Hanover Usa X Kamwood Faye Male
All Speed Hanover Usa X Lainey Rose Male
All Speed Hanover Usa X Loveyoulongtime Male
All Speed Hanover Usa X Pammy Male
All Speed Hanover Usa X Rocket Shipp Male
Alta Christiano Nz X Aalyah Rose Male
Alta Christiano Nz X Fleeting Spirit Male
Alta Christiano Nz X Keayang Bliss Female
Alta Christiano Nz X Rock Me Female
American Ideal Usa X Foxy Capella Female
Armbro Variable Ca X La Poeme Male
Armbro Variable Ca X Savannah Invader Male
Armbro Variable Ca X Village Maze Female
Art Major Usa X Bridge Player Male
Art Major Usa X Edna Anne Male
Art Major Usa X Lady Of My Life Male
Art Major Usa X Landsita Female
Art Major Usa X Manwarra Hatrick Male
Art Major Usa X Nigella Bites Male
Auckland Reactor Nz X Allison June Male
Auckland Reactor Nz X Seymour Lady Male
Auckland Reactor Nz X Sterita Male
Auckland Reactor Nz X Weona Beachley Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Cashel Epona Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Elite Action Female
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Mason Magic Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X My Mother Male
Bacardi Lindy Usa X Vicki Vale Male
Badlands Hanover Usa X Surfin Cullen Male
Betterthancheddar Usa X Gigglybits Female
Betterthancheddar Usa X Miss Sands Female
Betterthancheddar Usa X Soho Diaz Male
Bettors Delight Usa X Dazed And Confused Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Just One Love Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Mitzi M Hanover Female
Bettors Delight Usa X Shakali Male
Bgs Folly Usa X Nothing To Hide Female
Bgs Folly Usa X One Fellas Fancy Female
Bgs Folly Usa X Owhat A Dream Female
Bgs Folly Usa X Samara Storm Female
Blissfull Hall Usa X Breeze Baby Male
Blissfull Hall Usa X Just Precious Female
Blissfull Hall Usa X Ringarosie Lombo Male
Blissfull Hall Usa X Tarshas Star Female
Captain Skipper X Katie Me Matie Male
Caribbean Blaster X Smooth Treos Female
Caribbean Blaster X Stajessar Female
Conch Deville Usa X Bonniele Male
Cullens Legacy Nz X Green Pepper Female
Cullens Legacy Nz X Notta Slug Male
Dejarmbro (us) X Ginger Brandi Male
Eilean Donon Usa X A Bit Amiss Female
Eilean Donon Usa X Daretobedifferent Female
Falcon Seelster Usa X Maravu Courage Male
Falcon Seelster Usa X Wemen Delight Female
Falcon Seelster Usa X Wemen Wendymae Female
Flashing Red X Petticoat Tales Male
Fling It Usa X Hilda Ellen Male
Fling It Usa X Paparazzi Snapshot Female
Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Mwerrangker Female
Four Starzzz Shark Ca X Roman Abbey Female
Great Success Usa X Abbey Truscott Male
Great Success Usa X Chipsontheside Female
Great Success Usa X Miss Adelade Male
Great Success Usa X Susuwe Female
Grinfromeartoear Usa X Iam Torrific Female
Grinfromeartoear Usa X Lil Blue Eyes Female
Grinfromeartoear Usa X Superbarbaracheval Male
Jet Laag Usa X Up A Gear Female
Julius Caesar Nz X Lady Tottington Male
Life Sign Usa X Two Teds Male
Live Or Die Usa X Lies Male
Live Or Die Usa X Roosky Male
Live Or Die Usa X Under Wraps Female
Lucky Chucky (us) X Pride Of Action Male
Mach Three Ca X Soho Winslet Female
Maffioso X Miss Catlin Macray Male
Maffioso X Mystical Jet Female
Majestic Son Ca X Cheque Again Female
Majestic Son Ca X Escapeta Aruba Male
Majestic Son Ca X Maorimoon Male
Majestic Son Ca X Missy Truscott Female
Majestic Son Ca X Purple Passion Male
Major Bronski X Cobbella Female
Major Bronski X Sheezalittlebeauty Male
Major Bronski X Waynes Gift Male
Metropolitan Usa X Dancing Withastar Male
Metropolitan Usa X Im Over Nova Male
Metropolitan Usa X Kissing Jenna Male
Metropolitan Usa X Miss Goldmaker Female
Metropolitan Usa X Spyda Titian Male
Metropolitan Usa X Up Town Male
Modern Art Usa X Bring Her Back Female
Modern Art Usa X Gangster Girl Female
Modern Art Usa X Katina Male
Modern Art Usa X Kentucky Sarah Male
Peace Of Art Ca X Cheeky Smile Female
Ready Cash (fra) X Bella Sorella Male Trotting
Rock N Roll Heaven Usa X Solar Operative Female
Roll With Joe Usa X Jilliby Rhianna Male
Safari X Hollywood Smile Male
Safari X Radiant Fanfare Female
Sealed N Delivered Usa X Malaika Male
Sealed N Delivered Usa X Saint Trinian Female
Shadow Play Usa X Destiny Fulfilled Male
Shadow Play Usa X Wickerunda Female
Shadow Play Usa X Zora Paree Female
Shadyshark Hanover Usa X Soky Doncella Male
Shoobees Place Usa X Love You Cyprus Female
Smiling Shard Nz X Impala Male
Sportswriter Usa X Amilia Jorja Male
Sportswriter Usa X Fremarksflauntit Female
Sportswriter Usa X Rustler County Male
Straphanger Usa X Ifu Seek Success Female
Tennotrump X Ithappens Female
Tobacco Bill X Lillyswearinem Male
Universal Rock Nz X Our Juilieanne Female
Universal Rock Nz X Rich With Courage Female
Used To Me Fra X Another Player Female
Village Jasper Usa X Miss Maisie Male
Village Jasper Usa X Sheer Magnifique Male
Well Said Usa X Inasafeplace Female
Western Edition Usa X All The Money Female
Western Terror Usa X Bebop Female
Western Terror Usa X Leica Houdini Male
Western Terror Usa X Lombo La Dolcevita Female
Western Terror Usa X Rowan Rosie Male
Wind Cries Maori Nz X Bo Ellan Male
Yield Boko Swe X Tamsyn Elle Male