Trotting Mares Sprint Championship


  • 4YO and older Trotting Mares, NR 46 to 80. PBD/NR. Mobile Start.
  • Restricted to Vicbred Platinum eligible horses only.
  • Concession Driver claims do not apply.
  • Horses will qualify for the Final according to their average points score from race starts in the Heats (1st – 100 points, 2nd – 90 points, 3rd – 80 points, 4th – 70 points, 5th – 60 points, 6th – 50 points, 7th – 40 points, 8th – 30 points, 9th – 20 points, all others – 10 points).
  • In the event of two or more horses each scoring equally the minimum number of points entitling them to be eligible for the Final and thereby producing a field exceeding the field limit, preference in selection will be given to a horse with the higher finishing position in the Heat/s. If such horse/s cannot be separated, HRV will determine by ballot which of the horses with equal points will contest the Final.
  • Barrier Draw for the Heats and Final to be based on each horse’s current assessment at Acceptance Time.


Heats of $10,000 (TP)
September 26 Kilmore Mares NR 46 to 55 1690m Winner: Zephiane
October 20 Maryborough Mares NR 52 to 66 1690m Winner: Keayang Yankee
November 23 Geelong Mares NR 52 to 66 1609m Winner: 
January 11 Shepparton Mares NR 46 to 55 1690m Winner: 
January 18 Ballarat Mares NR 56 to 71 1710m Winner: 
January 19 Wedderburn Mares NR 46 to 55 1750m Winner: 
Final of $30,000 (TMP)
January 25 Tabcorp Park Melton Mares NR 46 to 80 1720m Winner: